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April 20, 2010


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Afta dis run it's da feet....size 15, dude. It's one of da parts of da body gone suppah, for shua.

Jake H

Sorry Bruddah...no slam intended on the kilt!

Mike, again, awesome feat (or is it feet)!


For a minute there, I was thinking it was a mistake to wear my kilt when I played my pipes for Mike!

Jake H

If made the wrong assumption about who adapted the song I apologize...I assume it was Jan...

Jake H

Woman, You have some time on your hands! Glad to see your putting it to good use!

Your some kind of creative.



Just an educated guess! The tribute might be humorous, but I'm sincere in my admiration and respect for your accomplishments!


Well thank you....even if you go tell 'em I go kukae in da bushes.

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