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Saturday Training: May Day in Hawaii 5-1-10 Peacock Options Again...

Aloha Athletes,

This is kinda starting to sound like a broken record. There really are more trails on Oahu than Peacock and the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. We used to run them! (???)

In any case, here are the options for Saturday up at Peacock.

7:00 a.m. when the gate opens in the parking lot behind the control tower.

8:30 a.m. Don's start time from the parking lot behind the control tower.

5:00 a.m. Insomniac's I mean Cheryl's start time at the base of the long run.

A few of us may go run the Run with a View route Saturday morning but start time is not determined yet. Working around the ending work time of one of the runners. Might be around 8:30 a.m.

Which leads into, the next race in the HURT Trail Series is May 8th, Run with a View. Don and Cheryl are Race Directors. More info will be available next week.

Best of luck to our three runners heading off to Miwok this weekend. Run strong Huddi, Jeff and Nick!!



Saturday Training 4-24-10 "Peacock Options"

Aloha Athletes !

Looks like we are back to training as usual after a short break to follow Mikey around Oahu on his Perimeter 135 mile adventure. It was a gas ! We need to coin a new phrase for "tough", as "tough as a boot" or "tough as nails" just doesn't cut it, when describing our buddy Mike Muench.

Anyway, this Saturday you have the option of starting with the Gorgeous Young Gals Marian and Cheryl, by showing-up at 6:00 am at the bottom of Long Road or you can sleep-in and meet the Grizzly Old Coots Vernon and Don at the Dillingham Airfield parking lot at 8:30 am. However, don't be surprised if there's at least one Gorgeous Young Gal there as well. Surprise, surprise !

See ya there !  Don

I adapted Bruddah Iz's song in tribute to Mike for all his recent mind bobbling adventures:

The HURT Superman

Told is the tale of the mischievous one
Who ran around the island and made it look fun
His deeds and tasks I will unmask,
so that you'll understand
That before there was a Clark Kent,
there was a HURT Suppa Man

He made kukai in da bushes on his way to the record book,
There would've been more but somebody wen look.
In blue morning sky, the sunscreen he spread
A funny looking cap he wore on his big shiny head

Mischievous, marvelous, magical Mikey,
hero of this band
The one, the only, the ultimate HURT Suppah Man
Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, HURT Suppah Man
Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, HURT Suppah Man

The secret of his endurance was locked somewhere in his mind
So when Jan asked, he wen tell her, “I tell you bumbai”!
So off Jan went in search of those who hold the information
So Mikey’s craziness can pass to future generations

He found long ago the secret to running perfection
Was not in any special food or endurance confection
When Jan asked again and again, he told her truly
“Confound it Jan, the secret is Gordon Biersch Brewery!

Mischievous, marvelous, magical Mikey,
hero of this band
The one, the only, the ultimate HURT Suppah Man
Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, HURT Suppah Man
Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, HURT Suppah Man

A Long Road of Memories


Two HURT Runners Barge Into the Hawaiian Pantheon of Demi-gods. 

Here is a link to the pictures I took on the run.  I am in the process of putting in captions and comments, but it will be slow.  However I offer this as piece in progress.   Many thanks to all the wonderful friends who came out and helped and ran and smiled and encouraged.  You don't know how much it meant to both Paul and I.  What wonderful friends we had with us along the way!  Pictures  Please make comments as you wish.  I'll finish with the captions, add in new pictures, and make some comments of my own in the coming days.   Much Aloha.  Mikem


Heather's *Top Twenty* Highlights of the Perimeter Island Relay

1) Meeting the fabulous girls team @ Kaya’s in Punaluu ; Julie, Jan and Cheryl (our great crew).

2) Running my first 15 miles on my home turf : north east Oahu to Sunset Beach.

3) Sunset on the North Shore with a car load of sweaty girls.

4) Catching up with Mike and Don @ Chuns in their Badwater shirts.

5) Benita’s PB & J sandwiches, trail mix and funky flash light that shone multi colors and learning about satellites from Arvel while we waited for Benita and Mike to do Haleiwa to Kaena Point (this is where I could hear Jan sleeping…)

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Favorite Moments from this weekend's Island Perimeter Run by Jan M.

Finish While going around the Point at 2am, Mike M says: "where'd all this MUD come from??"

Andy G showing up in Kapolei on Sunday morning in a kilt, playing bagpipes

Julie T:  "Whoever invented wet wipes is a genius!"

Seeing the smiles on faces of a bunch of ultrarunners who are out torturing themselves for 2 days on their feet, covering endless miles of road

Heather H:  "I can’t stand to sit anymore!"

Running up beside Paul S near Waialee on the North Shore to introduce myself, saying: "Hi, I'm Jan" and he replies: "I'm hurt."

Mike M's perseverance.

The sense of joy and relief every time there was a support crew on the side of the road:  fresh smiling faces,  food, encouragement, people, food, a few good laughs, food, drink, and more motivation to keep everyone going.  And, food.

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Two Runners, One Island, Two Great Causes and 135 Miles Around the Isle

In about 60 minutes two runners are departing from Aloha Tower, Paul Sibley and Mike Muench are heading out on a little jaunt, a circle isle tour-135 miles on foot. They will have some support and a few runners joining them for parts of the run but it is up to each of them to put one foot in front of the other for 135 miles.

Paul has tried to sync up his social media and will be posting updates from his iPhone. You can follow along at www.CancerRunner.org, and www.paul-sibley.com. Also on Twitter at @cancerrunner and on Facebook too I think.

Mike originally posted some info here.

Good luck guys. I am going to send them off from Aloha Tower by having a beer at Gordon Biersch.

2010 Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes,

Great turnout at yesterday's Top of Tantalus run. Thanks to Race Director's Kat Tagaca and Rob Lahoe for putting together a great race. Thank you to all the runners who came out.

We also want to thank John and PJ and the volunteers at the two road crossings for providing aid stations.

Full results can be seen here. (Updated & Revised for the last time!!!!)

Mike has posted a link to his photos and the photos Rob took can be seen here

The next race in the trail series is on May 8th, Run with a View. Make sure you have that on your calendar!

Top of Tantalus


Here are some pics from the Top of Tantalus.  I make no claims to quality.  If you like good.....if not....well....it ain't me you want to talk to....Pictures

Thanks to all the Volunteers.  Julie, Mike, Jan for Ribbons setting.  The Aid Crews at the stations, the aid crew at the Top, John and PJ,  most of all to Kat and Rob for working it all out.   Great Race, great time!  Welcome to all the newbies.  Ya'll come back now!   Aloha  Mikem

Are YOU Ready to Road Rumble


Down the Hard Hot Highway...
Here we are into the second month of the HURT Trail Series, Rex, Jan and Lisa are already doing HURT loops, Huddy and Jeff are running everywhere, Brian is doing elevation training while carting around a small car on his back, Nick and Huffer did 27 at Peacock, and what are you doing to get ‘back into’ Ultra training?   Has that question become something that nags at you while you knock off those 10 and 15 K street runs that are all the rage right now? 


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