Saturday Training 4-24-10 "Peacock Options"
Saturday Training: May Day in Hawaii 5-1-10 Peacock Options Again...


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Bob Mc.

Yes plyometrics work and NO, it won't help if you to start them now for Miwok!! :-)Best of luck up there
It can improve your running and biking. Let's talk when you get back.

Paul Sibley

Mr. Nick - Plyo Man here. Been doing this stuff about twice a week for around 10 years. It makes people at the gym laugh at me so it works! I spend a significant amount of time doing balancing drills, explosive lunges and high steps and various drills that leverage the body weight for resistance with very short breaks. For me, it works to keep my knees and such very tight. Or, just run up Hogsback and tumble back down face first to the Nature Center - same outcome! Good luck

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