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May 18, 2010


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Bob Mc.

At about 6:45 p.m. Just got text from "Brian.SUCCESS 80 Mile day-32 Hrs to Finish. 160 ish in approx 94 hours, 40 min. Post to follow."

Bob Mc.

Brian posted on FB that they are at Red Hill cabin and going to spend the night there. Red Hill Cabin is at 10,000 feet and some of the approach up to it is quite steep. There should be water there. The next push up to the Summit cabin is all on lava and extremely gradual, however it is a long push. The last mile or so from when you finally get to the crater seems to take forever to make it to the Summit cabin. Hard to say what the weather might be up there. It is all exposed.


You will enjoy it beyond words,
Both of you have the mental as well as the pysical Toughness. Take in the Mana along the way.
Be safe,
P.S. don't look for a white van there isn't one.

Chad Carter

Simultaneously crazy and awe-inspiring! Best wishes!


Super cool. good luck, janM


Good luck to the both of you! Hope things go well and can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories!

Robert P Smith

No doubt you will conquer the Big Rock. Have a blast and enjoy it for the rest of us.

Paul Sibley

Awesome adventure. Wish I could tag along but this work thing is in the way. Have a great time.


You guys rock! I wish both of you well.

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