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HURT Runners! Ken Michal Request from Jake H.

Everyone! HURT Runners! Ken Michal (A HURT 2010 Runner and PODCASTER) needs our Help for the PodCast Challenge. Please log your miles for him by the end of May and he can WIN the PODCAST Challenge at BuckeyeOutdoors. FINAL PUSH TO THE FINISH! HE gave us a great podcast about HURT100 and now its our turn to help! I can't get this on the Blog as a guest, so please post to all your runner friends. Mahalo Nui!

Click here for a link. 



The Big Island Traverse - Just the Facts

The Big Island Traverse was an epic adventure through the realm of the gods providing us with ample opportunities to push our physical and mental limits. My mind reels and my body aches as the full gravity of our journey emerges into consciousness. There were good times had and lessons learned and there are stories to tell, but not today.

Travel Day #1
Start - 1745 on May 19, 2010
End - 1230 on May 20, 2010
Route - Ascent from Holei and Chain of Craters Road to Escape Road to Crater Rim Trail to Mauna Loa Road to Pu'u ula'ula.
Time on feet - 18:30
Distance Covered: ~42 miles
Elevation Change- Sea-level to 10,035 feet

Travel Day #2
Start -0600 on May 21, 2010
End - 0130 on May 22, 2010
Route - Ascent from Pu'u ula'ula to Mauna Loa Summit with descent of the Mauna Loa Weather Observatory Road to Pu'u Huluhulu at the Saddle Road.
Time on feet - 19:30
Distance Covered: ~37 miles
Elevation Change- 10,035 feet to 13,677 feet to 6,632 feet

Travel Day #3
Start -0830 on May 22, 2010
End - 1630 on May 23, 2010
Route - Ascent from Pu'u Huluhulu to Mauna Kea Access Road to Onizuka Visitor's Center to Humu'ula Trail to Pu'u Wekiu (Mauna Kea Summit) with return descent of Mauna Kea Access Road to Pu'u Huluhulu and descent of the Saddle Road to Mamalahoa Highway to Waimea to Kawaihae Road to Spencer Beach Park.
Time on feet - 32:00
Distance Covered: ~79 miles
Elevation Change- 6,632 feet to 13,796 feet to sea-level

Total Time: 94 hours and 30 minutes
Total Time on Feet: 70 hours
Total Distance: ~ 158 miles


Saturday Training May 29th, 2010: Kailua to Nature Center and Back, 40++ miles

Aloha Athletes,

Ok, folks, this is a big one. It is one of those training runs where you can really feel like you have gone somewhere and back, put in some mileage and covered some distance.

This run is happening at Marian's request. She will be doing the full distance. Others are welcome to join her for all or part of it.

Starting point is Cheryl's house in Kailua. If you need info on where Cheryl's house is, post a comment with contact info and Cheryl will contact you.

Here are the approximate times for Saturday’s run starting at Cheryl’s house.

Marian is starting at 5:00 a.m. (Rex will be starting about 4:30 a.m. He wants a head start)

Waimanalo trailhead - 5:45 a.m.

Pali lookout - 8:15 a.m.

JAG - 9:00 a.m.

NC - 10:45 a.m.

JAG - 12:30 p.m.

Pali lookout - 1:30 p.m.

Waimanalo trailhead - 4:15 p.m.

Cheryl's house - 5:00 p.m.

At a minimum, there will be water (and possibly some food and Gatorade) at the Pali lookout, Jackass Ginger (JAG), and Nature Center (NC). If you are planning on running any of this, please let either Cheryl or Marian know so they can plan aid accordingly. You should plan on being pretty self-sufficient though too. Don't forget electrolytes as it is getting warmer.



Big Dog Award to Brian and Mike

I can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics, but I wanted to beat the fellas to the blog and give a huge "Big Dog of the Month" award to Brian and Mike.  Congrats!!!  Thanks for making the rest of us feel like the little black chihuahua in this photo!  You guys inspire me to want to be a bigger dog, so to speak.

aloha, M. Stevens


Big Island Stokage

At sunset on May 19, 2010, ultrarunning legend Mike Muench and I will begin our journey across the island of Hawai'i. The Big Island Traverse (BIT) is an approximate - 160 mile, unsupported fastpack traversing the island from sea -level on the southeastern shore, beginning at Holei Sea Arch; ascend Mauna Loa (13,677 feet) and Mauna Kea (13,796 feet); and eventually descend to sea-level on the northwestern shore, ending at Pu'ukohola Heiau and Spencer Beach Park.

The Big Island Traverse begins at ~sea-level and ascends through coastal plain, desert, rainforest, sub-alpine and alpine zones and will cover a wide variety of terrain including: dirt, asphalt, and concrete roads and highways; single-track trail consisting of soil, grass, cinder, sand, and seemingly endless miles of razor sharp `a`a and undulating pahoehoe lava flows.

Multiple environmental hazards exist with extremes of weather and temperature, varying from hot and dry and hot and humid at lower elevations to subfreezing temperatures in the alpine zones. Intense, high-altitude and low-latitude sun, high winds, driving rain, snow, blizzard and whiteout conditions may be encountered.

The most common, possible pathophysiological conditions include: poor air quality and respiratory compromise; soft tissue and orthopedic injuries, such as lacerations, abrasions, strains, sprains and fractures; fluid and electrolyte imbalances, such as dehydration and hyponatremia; heat illness and thermal injury including: burns, photo injury (photo-ophthalmia), heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, frost-nip, frostbite and hypothermia; and the continuum of altitude illnesses including: acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE).

The ability to travel, pace and daily mileage may be affected by a multitude of conditions; therefore, we have chosen to divide the BIT route by region rather than by travel days and are equipped to bivy anywhere along the route. BIT Regions 1 through 4 are as follows:

BIT Region #1 - Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park:

Start and End Points: Holei Sea Arch to Muana Loa Lookout
Elevation: ~50 feet to 6,662 feet
Route and Features: Chain of Craters Road; Escape Road; Crater Rim Trail; Kilauea Visitor Center; Mauna Loa Road; Kipukapuaulu Campground; Muana Loa Lookout
Total Milage: ~35.7

BIT Region #2 - Mauna Loa:

Start and End Points: Muana Loa Lookout to Saddle Road - Hwy 200 Elevation: 6,662 feet to 13,677 feet to ~6,632
Route and Features: Mauna Loa Trail; Pu'u'ula'ula (Red Hill Cabin 10,035 feet); Mauna Loa Cabin (13,250 feet); Mauna Loa Summit (13,677 feet); Mauna Loa Weather Observatory (11,150 feet); Mauna Loa Observatory Road; Saddle Road (~6,632 feet)
Total Mileage: ~42.4

BIT Region #3 - Mauna Kea

Start and End Points: Saddle Road to Mauna Kea Summit to Saddle Road
Elevation: ~6,632 feet to 13,796 feet to ~6,632 feet
Route and Features: Saddle Road; Mauna Kea Access Road; Onizuka Visitor Center (9,300 feet); Mauna Kea Trail; Pu`u Wekiu (Summit - 13,796 feet); Mauna Kea Trail; Onizuka Visitor Center; Mauna Kea Access Road; Saddle Road
Total Mileage: ~40.4

BIT Region #4 - Upcountry

Start and End Points: Saddle Road to Spencer Beach Park
Elevation: ~6,632 feet to Sea-level
Route and Features: Saddle Road - Hwy 200; Mauna Kea State Park; Saddle Road; Mamalahoa Hwy (Hawai`i Belt Road); Waimea; Amamalahoa Hwy (Kawaihae Road - HI 19); Akoni Pule Hwy (270); Pu'ukohola Heiau and Spencer Beach Park
Total Mileage: ~42.7

BIT Total Mileage: ~161.2

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement!


Nasa Hawaii Chain BI Crop

Saturday Training May 22, 2010. Options/Choices

Aloha Athletes:

Again this weekend you have some options.

Peacock. For you early birds, Marian is starting at the bottom of long road at 4:30 a.m. This is a repeat of what Marian and Cheryl did this past Friday while they were playing hooky. Cheryl and probably other people who like to sleep a bit longer will meet Marian at the parking lot behind the control tower at 7:00 a.m. The distance, who knows? Since there are getting to be so many options up there, just plan on carrying a lot of water, electrolytes and your own nutrition. You are always welcome to run what is comfortable for you.

Ho'omaluhia Garden. Don will again be starting at 7:30 a.m. in the neighborhood just outside the gate and probably doing at least one trip up to the Pali Lookout. This meeting place gives lots of options and there is water and bathrooms inside the garden so a water bottle is typically all you need.

Finally, just to plan ahead, Marian is planning to run on Saturday May 29th from Cheryl's house in Kailua to the Nature Center and back. As any of you have done this know, this is a great run. (Really fun to talk about in the office on Monday morning. "So what did you do this weekend?")

Marian would like to hear from you if you will be running any or all of this so she can plan water and other aid. Please contact her or leave a comment after this post so she knows how many to plan for.

Of course you are welcome to do any part of it. The route consists of running the road from Cheryl's house out to the end of the Maunawili trail in Waimanalo and then heading to the Pali Lookout. From the Lookout, running the road to the area used for the Nuuanu/Jackass Ginger aid station and then taking trails to the Nature Center and doing the return of all of this to Cheryl's house. It is a good 40 plus miles.

Cheryl is planning on being up at the Pali Lookout and will be taking care of aid needs as the runners go through there too.

Approximates times for the run on the 29th will be posted next week. Marian and Cheryl are really just trying to get an idea of how many are interested in running for now.

I heard there might be some mtn biking this weekend too.

Get out there and run!

Running Hope to America, Lisa Smith-Batchen after 20 days or 1000 Miles

Aloha Athletes,  RHTA Red Logo

We have observed and even participated in some pretty incredible events. From the recent EPIC 5 event to our own Mike and Brian heading over to the Big Island a bit later this week.

I thought you might be interested in reading about how Lisa is progressing on her run of 50 miles in 50 states. This was as of last Thursday.

Click here to read the post.  Remember Lisa and Sister Marybeth are planning on being here on Oahu on June 12 to run 50 miles here in Hawaii. More info can be found here



Weekend Training Options

Aloha Athletes,

Instead of posting just Saturday training, I am posting a few options.

Friday: Apparently for some on Furlough(?) the weekend begins Friday. Cheryl and Marian are going to Peacock. Contact Cheryl or leave a comment here if you want to play hooky on Friday.

Saturday: 7:30 a.m. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden. Meet Don outside the gate in the neighborhood. Not sure what his plan is. Lots of options though, repeats in the hilly garden, repeats up to the Pali lookout, Up and out to the Mauanwili trail. Just all kinds of options. If you have questions, contact Don or post in comments.

Also on Saturday, Rex may be going to Peacock, contact him if interested. There is always someone going to Peacock.

Sunday: Cheryl is leading a Mango Madness preview/training run starting at the pumping station at 5:30 a.m.

Wow, lots of options this weekend. Get out there and run! It has been getting hotter so make sure you have lots of water and don't forget your electrolytes.



Important Update on Photos Posted from Stephane Lacasa

Apparently there has been some confusion over the photos and links posted for Stephane's photos.

Just like Rob Lahoe sent in a link for his photos on the photo service he used, Stephane did the same. I think this is a great way to link or post photos to our site. Typically this is faster and allows the photos to be set up in a slide show format. It saves time versus having the photographer transferring all the photos to a disk and mailing or delivering it to me and then I have to upload them to the site.

The difference in the service Rob used versus what Stephane used is that Stephane is a professional photographer and he normally sells his surf photos. It was never his intention to sell photos to runners.

Julie and Stephane were out on the course on Saturday after talking with Race Director Cheryl and helped direct runners, (well at least most runners-Rachael, Johnny?).

The function that charges for photos on Stephane's web site is an automatic function. He needs to override this. Stephane is at work during the day and he will change this and refund any purchases that have been made by runners. He apologizes for this inconvenience. Stephane did check and apparently some runners have downloaded photos and been charged so again this will be refunded. If you have any questions or want to order photos, please contact Stephane directly at [email protected]

Julie and Stephane were just trying to help out. I apologize for any confusion this has caused. 



EPIC 5 Completes 5 Ironman's on 5 Islands

As many of you know, over the last several days Jason Lester and Rich Roll were out doing something pretty incredible.

Rex Vlcek was their Oahu crew chief and rounded up several runners to help support them through the marathon. Over on Maui, Paul Hopwood served as their local crew chief.

Yesterday, Jason and Rich finished off the 5th Ironman in Kona.

The specific site for the event is here.

I found a couple of good summary articles that provide some insight in what they experienced out there. I think as Ultra runners, you will appreciate what they did.

Congratulations Jason and Rich!!

From competitor.com with insights from their overall crew chief, Rebecca Morgan.

From hawaii247.com