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Running With Warriors and Kings....44+ Hours Around Oahu

HPIM1932Mikem after 44 Plus Hours of Running with the Warriors of Kaeokulani?

I believe I have topped myself for pure unadulterated painful ventures.  I have managed to write a 'report', actually a piece or story, of the recent 'run' around Oahu. It's likely a bit long for some, well most, but it's not a bad piece actually.  So for those of you with some patience I provide the link.

It offers a few unexpected laughs, some insights into long endurance ventures, and even bits of the Mikey philosophy of 'running'.


'Round Oahu


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It's definitely not too long for a race report, especially when you were part of the adventure. In fact I'm not even going to ask for the 'Cliffs Notes' on it like I did on the "500 plus pages long" book on 'Lamport & the skirmishes' you were babbling about somewhere along the Pearl Harbor bike path...! No offense intended :)

In taking a quick gander at the story, one of my favorite lines was "I can not say enough for the quiet dedication Cheryl showed in providing support". I cannot agree more about Cheryl's dedication, and support...but last time I she "quiet"?

I look forward to reading "Running With Warriors and Kings: 44+ Hours around Oahu" in full over a nice Gordon BIERSCH, and will enjoy reliving the story, experience, and adventure all over again.

thanks Mikey....


This is great stuff, Mike. I only skimmed through it for now but will definitely come back to fill the gaps. You da man! (or some such...)


I haven't read it thoroughly, but I love how you've woven in your knowledge of Hawaiian history into this report. Fascinating! If you haven't written a book yet, I hope you do someday! Great run, and great report, keep it coming Mikey!

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