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Weekend Training Options

Aloha Athletes,

Instead of posting just Saturday training, I am posting a few options.

Friday: Apparently for some on Furlough(?) the weekend begins Friday. Cheryl and Marian are going to Peacock. Contact Cheryl or leave a comment here if you want to play hooky on Friday.

Saturday: 7:30 a.m. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden. Meet Don outside the gate in the neighborhood. Not sure what his plan is. Lots of options though, repeats in the hilly garden, repeats up to the Pali lookout, Up and out to the Mauanwili trail. Just all kinds of options. If you have questions, contact Don or post in comments.

Also on Saturday, Rex may be going to Peacock, contact him if interested. There is always someone going to Peacock.

Sunday: Cheryl is leading a Mango Madness preview/training run starting at the pumping station at 5:30 a.m.

Wow, lots of options this weekend. Get out there and run! It has been getting hotter so make sure you have lots of water and don't forget your electrolytes.




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Robert P Smith

Thanks Sean & Marv. Makes much more sense now, if that's possible. :) Definitely an appropriate name for this one... madness. Sounds like fun! Hope I can make it and don't end up working that day.


The pumping station is at the junction of Makiki Drive. and Makiki Heights Drive in Manoa, just below the nature center.

The Mango Madness run has no real defined course. The race directors will send the faster runners out on different trails than the slower runners. The object is to have everyone finish roughly at the same time. This is truly a race where you just follow someone.

Marv Mango

Well, R.I.P. Smith, as the RD of Mango Madness, I can not really understand your question. Are you looking for a race course, well of course, you will find it out in a matter of course, so to speak, of course. But don't let that get you off course, because unlike your last and first hurt race course, this race has no course, or no course I will venture to be so coarse as to define.

Here's a hint. If you think you will win, then tell us know to begin. We like the fast group, over the 10 mile loop, and we will do what we can, to see you join in at the Walrus' lunch.

Just follow the ribbons. Keep following the ribbons. Don't ever stop following the ribbons. After all, that is what the race is all about. Follow the ribbons and you will finally finish. Trust us! We will look after you Robert. Really! (Most of us work for the US Government.) How can you not trust us?

P.S. Don't be so silly as to follow those OTHER ribbons. They have been put up by posers, and trail terrorists. Only follow the right ribbons. If you follow the left ribbons you may find yourself in places you never expected to be, as opposed to following our ribbons, which take you to other places you never will want to see again.

Robert you don't need to know anything, not that you do, to run this race, and practice will do you no good. The only thing I can say about that is: Come Prepared to be Tested!

)Mango's are the most popular fruit in the world, more people love mango's than any other fruit. More people eat mango's than the entire population of the world (it is our first exraterestial export crop.) Mangos are full of Vit C and carotene's. Nothing is better than a Mango. As the Mokes say to their sweety...."I love you like a MANGO!" There is no race like the Mangos' Madness!

At the Mango's Madness we will have plenty of Mango's to eat. Unless of course there are not mangos available. Then, we will have Papayas, which look kind of like Mangos and don't taste much like mango's, but because we all work for the government we know we can call whatever mango's and you will accept that.

Robert P Smith

Great to see a preview/training run being advertised! Thanks! Sorry for the ignorance as a newbie but is the Mango Madness course known by any other trail name that I can find info about online? IE location, directions? Not familiar enough with the HURT community yet to know where the "pumping station" is. Sorry.

Will anyone be doing another preview/training run of the course before the actual race?

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