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Jan, Juile Great adventure,amazing effort, I still think that their are angels on the trails.


There is more to ultra running than just running. I too have come across runners in need--a risk of being at the back of the pack--and spent some time helping them to the next aid station. Nothing quite as serious as your situation, but a momentary show stopper none the less. You had only one chance to help that runner and you did what you had to. I'm sure you can get a handle on this altitude thing and do better next 100. Knowing what is a race and what is life is the real test. You ladies did good, and made us all proud.


WOW!!! What a report Jan and what an adventure!!! I was so happy to hear that Julie was going to be able to pace you!!! I am so glad she did!!! There must have been a reason why you fell behind in your pace/time...See you out on the trails!!! Aloha


A great report Jan,,,and a job well done.
Smart enough to know where your limits were for that race.
And kind enough to aid another runner....lessons learned for all.
You and Julie are heros.
And you have many 100m races ahead of you.

Robert P Smith

Great report of lessons learned. Thanks so much for sharing your experience in hopes that others (like me) can learn from them and be better prepared for our future events than we would have been without that shared knowledge. Hope to see you both on the trails again soon.

Paul Hopi

Great effort! out there Jan and julie , and nice work preventing a nasty mishap.


Great report, Jan! You captured it well, ultra-running's addictive combination of the glorious and gruelling. Knowing that you helped a fellow runner in distress is the best feeling one can have at the end of a long day on the trails. Well done!

Jake H

As you the start, not the finish that makes Ultra-Running what it is.

I think your paraphrase of the RD was right on the spot... "we may well have saved the life of another runner. It was no joke."

There isn't one of us in HURT that would drop to SAVE another. Awesome job Julie and Jan.

Can we start calling you two J-squared? Its wierd to see either of you without the other...much like Steve and Sean!



Way to go Julie and Jan!!


Congrats on a heroic effort, and I mean that literally! HURT chicks rule!

Doug Baker

What an interesting story. I'm sorry to hear the bad news. But at least you were able to turn a negative situation into a positive situation by helping that distressed runner. Sounds like you learned a lot from this race. Thanks for sharing!

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