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Best of Luck to All Western States Runners (UPDATED)

Only one Hawaii resident was lucky enough to get into Western States this year though the lottery.

That was Maui resident Paul Hopwood. Paul has run some pretty good races on the mainland (Hardrock) and he certainly has the speed to run with the big boys. We want to wish him and all the runners the best of luck this year. It should be a very interesting race this year with lots of top name runners from across the US and even from around the world. There will be snow up at the higher elevations and that will impact the runners as well.

For a fun read, check out Karl Meltzer's blog post and his Western State's odds. Check out the comments for more details. Click here to read. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

I just finished looking at the Western States list of runners. There are a lot of familiar names that we have met either here at the HURT 100 or races on the mainland. Rod, Catra, Tracy and Gary from Canada (2010 HURT 100 winners) are just a few of the names. You can follow along live on Saturday at by clicking here.


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Jake H


Great job on WS100...looked like a very tough field.

Jake H


Ah, boring. They changed the course to lower altitude because sections of the high country are still snowed in. It's a cake walk now. Hoppy, you can do this hopping on one leg now, arms tied behind your back. Nothing short of a new course record will do, ok? We're all watching. No pressure. Have fun!! ;)


Good luck this weekend at WS Paul, hope you have a great race and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the course (and, uhmm... the snow!?!?... ack! don't forget the warmies!!) - janM

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