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July 4th Weekend: Lot's of Fun Things to Do: Kaena Point Firecracker, Sunday Long Training Run, Freedom Fest.

Paul Hopwood Sends Western States Thank You From Auburn

Greetings from Auburn. Thanks for the support and cheers HURT.  Ultrarunning is such a beautiful and effortless endeavor- when things are flowing right. And such a tooth and nail fight when it's not- as you ALL well know.  This weekend amounted to the above and much, much more. Most goals met- some not, but leaving me amazed by the coolness and generosity of my friends old and new and the individuals in and around the ultra communitie.  And as I sit here- feet bandaged a little achy and battered, I feel totaly inspired yet once again, by the stunning wilderness, serenity of the mountains high  and  forest streams low.   So many people to thank ! So much love out there!. Ultrarunning - like life very much a team effort! In appreciation for all, mahalo's, and see you back  in the 'ISLINS' 

alohas Paul


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awesome job, again, Paul...well done. you said it all -- beautiful & effortless, but tooth and nail fighting at times, a team effort, and inspirational. sounds like Ultrarunning.

ps. I wear the girly Montrails, yes, they were the ones you were asking about at Makawao... the Powder Blue ones. sure are comfy, aren't they...? ;-)


Awesome run, Hoppy! I enjoyed tracking your progress during the race. Very well done.


if you wear the 'skort', you have to shave the legs....

Matt Stevens

to your question, Bob: YES!!!!

Bob Mc.

So Matt, which part are you going to try? The girlie Montrails or the skort or both??

Matt Stevens

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if girly Montrails shoes were part of Hoppy's recipe for success out there. (Have we seen any pics of Hoppy wearing men's shoes at the 2010 Western States yet.....this seems suspicious to me) My guess is that that if he wore one of those weird "skort" things he could have shaved another hour or so off his already incredible time. I'm going to try this myself at the Out and Back...


Sweet and not surprising! Hmmm, no socks? Is that like wearing a pair of girl's Montrails?

Jake H

Good show Paul!



Paul Sibley

Amazing again, but not surprising - you're Hoppy who can freakin run! Congrats on your result and positive attitude in reflection. Very cool.


Yeah, we want a full race report - including the bit about running 90 miles without socks!! Grooooowl!

Matt Stevens

I want the full story sooner than later; I'll call you. This was a significant weekend for the Hawaii ultra community, as you de-throned the 19 year reign of Richard Senelly, my high school XC and track coach and very close friend, as the local with the fastest WS and highest finish. You guys would enjoy one another's company, no doubt, regardless of what trail you were on. A huge congrats to you Paul. You plug into the environment when you are out there cranking like no one I've ever met. Keep running! See you at Maui Marathon I hope.

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