2010 San Diego 100 Mile Race Report by Jan McGriff
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Saturday Training June 26, 2010: Peacock Flats, again!

Aloha Athletes,

Even I am beginning to wonder why we post these training run notices. Same o' same-o'

I hear from Cheryl that the plan is to run up at Peacock again. If I was a newcomer to the islands or wanting to get involved with HURT, I would start to think this is the only place the group runs with the occasional trail race thrown in somewhere else.

So for you regulars, the plan is to start from the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield at 7:00 a.m. Don and Vernon are planning to start at 8:30 a.m.

I've heard a rumor that there might be some furlough Friday shenanigans going on up there as well. Something like Marian starting from the base of long road at 4:30 a.m. and others meeting her at 7:00 over at the control tower.

If you are a newcomer to the islands or wanting to get involved with HURT, please don't feel intimidated by the distances or constant runs up at Peacock. It is a beautiful place to run and train and you can always just go the distance you feel comfortable with. Meeting other runners is a great way to learn and improve your own knowledge about trail running.

I recently put together a training plan for two women to get ready for Triple Trek (50K HURT Trail Series Run on Sept 5). I was curious to see if the basic rule of increasing your mileage and/or your time by no more than 10% a week would get a runner up to the distance required to have a successful attempt at Triple Trek. This was also based on having an existing fitness level of 10 mile or 2 hour runs. On paper it works. In fact, I even extended it out to the Peacock 54 in October. Again, on paper it works. Only time will tell if this training plan works for the participants. They are both experienced athletes so I think they will be fine.

So, if you are a newcomer, don't be intimidated by the distances and training that some of the more experienced runners are doing. Also there are a lot of other trails to run here on Oahu. Go explore, get out there and run for the love of running.

Aloha, Bob


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Mike is absolutely correct! Bone and cartilage take much longer to remodel, which is why some runners end up breaking their bones just by running too much (STRESS FRACTURES!). I also think this is why trail runners tend to be less prone to overuse injuries than road runners, because they are FORCED to walk or at least run at less intense levels by the trails they run on!

Bob Mc.

Ahh, the wisdom of the experienced. So true Mike. I have often referred people to your original posting on this very topic from a year or two ago. I think that posting nails it. Perhaps you would consider reviewing it and updating it with any new thoughts??? I would consider posting it on one of the sidebars to this site and possibly labeling it Required Reading for Newbies.


Training schedules are fine, but the body, not the mind, rules..and too many people forget this.

You can not change the nature of your body, you can help it along, but it will develop at the pace it is genetically programmed to change. People forget this and equate muscle fitness with running fitness. They then go out and tear the tendons right off their bones. Muscles develop faster than tendons and ligaments. Sonovial tissues take time to toughen up. Over time cartilage can actually increase in mass and toughness, and bones respond very slowly but do get denser...in their own slow time. Which is not the average persons idea of soon enough. Patience is often the most important quality emphasized in Ultra running training.

MORE ULTRA RUNNERS INJURE THEMSELVES THAN ANY OTHER PROBLEM. People are more dangerous to themselves than falls, rocks, or slippery mud.

Walking, fast walking, is much less stressful on the body, it promotes tissue development at an optimal rate, and is safer for the inexperienced runner.

To finish a race is an accomplishment, to dnf is a quandary. The first goal should be to finish, the second is to to be able to come back next week and do it again.

Never push too hard. Never run when there is pain. Never run injured. This is not a hero's game, it is for survivors.

Run smart, run slow, run forever.

Aloha, Mikem

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