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July 26, 2010


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Paul Hopi

All credit is definitely due to Mike [The mummy ]Muench. A/ For dreaming all this madness up in the first place . B/ For sharing it, and being a Luminous Beacon to lost souls adorned in his white buttondown shirt somewhere out there on the dark side of the Kings Trail.And C/ because he,s unstoppable once he,s on a mission- and what an accomplishment to add to his growing over the Edge list. Just wish he'd leave maui mail boxes alone :) . The girls totally rocked it as well, and together we all created quite an adventure!...... and eventually there was more moonlight than madness! I think?.


the Big Island Perimeter HAS to be next!


I second that "WOW"!!! Sounds like a very nice adventure and awesome experience!!! Aloha


WOW............we've done most of this in small bits and pieces, but all in one run!! Can't wait to hear what's next.


Enough of the mad motorists, Mike, please. Tell us what you were doing to this poor guy's mailbox... Looking forward to the "detailed piece"! :-)


No words, just a smile on my face!

Bob Mc.

Mike, I understand you giving Paul credit and rightly so but don't diminish what you yourself have accomplished here. This is simply incredible. I look forward to hearing/reading more and perhaps some photos. I hope we will hear from the others who participated as well. Hmmm, Oahu, Big Island, Maui. Can Kauai be next???

Great stuff. Rest up and soak it in.

Aloha, Bob

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