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Saturday Training August 7, 2010 Maunawili and more

Maunawili Out and Back

Maunawili Out & Back


Aka - Run With the Pigs

Pig-in-slippersHey sleepyhead - get your hairy backside out of bed on Saturday, August 14 for the Maunawili Out and Back 22-Mile and Relay starting at 7:00 a.m. at the Nuuanu/Pali Lookout.

Parking Details:
Parking at the start/finish is monitored by parking attendants.  A Hawaii I.D. is required to waive the $3 parking fee.  All runners should park below the marked stalls area, lining the roadway leading up to the parking lot.  Carpooling is highly encouraged.


Put your running shoes on, grab your $10 and your water bottle, and get to the Pali lookout by 6:30 a.m.  Be ready to have some fun!

In my absence, email Bob McAllaster with any questions.  If you are looking for a relay partner, post a comment to the blog.



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Thanks Doug! That gives me a much better idea of what to expect.

Doug Baker

Hi Amy:

People finish this run in the 4 to 5.5 hour range. The course is predominately a compact dirt trail with numerous crossings thru small, rocky, dry creeks. A few sections have a lot of roots. The course is mostly down hill on the way out with a few rollers along the way and has 2 big hill climbs on the way back. Both hills are less than 1 mile each. Be sure to carry at least 2 liters of water.



Scratch that, I see you can run it solo. Can anyone fill me in on the difficulty?


Does anyone know if you can run this solo? I'm here on vacation and just stumbled on this technical is it? Is there a lot of climbing? (yes, I'm really THAT ignorant about the area). How "slow" will it be?

Sue Lohr

Anyone running Saturday, coming from Hickam AFB and want to share a ride - please email me, [email protected]


Thanks Keith. I will make sure to bring plenty of water.See you then


Andres (or anyone not familiar with this race), Yes it starts and ends at the Pali look-out, bring about 40-60 oz of liquid, you can only refill at the turn around point.


ooo I can? I will do that then. That shows you how much I know. The run will start at the pali lookout right? get on pali Hwy and exit pali lookout sign? Thanks for letting me know.If anybody needs a partner I will do it either way. I will be there. Just bring 10 bucks, water and maybe a snack right? till then :)


Andres, You can always do the entire 22 miles solo if you cannot hook up with a partner for a relay. ;-)


hey everyone. I never ran with the hurt teams before and would love to join on this coming relay on Saturday. I guess you need a partner so if anyone needs a relay partner give me a shout.I will be coming from Ala Moana mall so I can offer a ride if need be.Thanks


Does anyone think that parking will become an issue on Sat morning? If so I volunteer to drive I can fit three persons and I will be driving from Mililani. E-mail me if you need a ride at [email protected]


Oh Marian- you've outdone yourself this time. Nice write-up, and the piggy pictures are so delightful. Especially the baby pig. How did they get him to stand there while they put those red galoshes on him? Hard to fathom.
Anyway, we're all looking forward to the race.
BTW, good luck on the Mainland next week!
pj & Big John

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