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July 01, 2010


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Glad to hear that you like the Cascadias! I'll admit, I have 6 pairs of them in my closet. When I first got them I was worried about their ability to hold up on the HURT course, but they were fine--no slippery problems for me at all. What I like is that they have the incredible stability but have the feel of a running shoe (as opposed to the feel of a hiking boot like a lot of other brands I've tried). I know people take my love of Brooks with a grain of salt since I'm sponsored by them, but it's nice to hear that you shopped around and settled on them. I'm forwarding this post to the people over at Brooks!

Chanel Bags

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Susan Redpath


Have been meaning to comment on this and write to you personally. Thank you for pointing out that local stores need to pay attention to customer service and selling opportunities, etc. We do. Some time ago we looked rather seriously into the Ron Martin selling tools and I even visited one of the retail site mentioned in his collateral for HI. I didn't pick up that the sales team I observed was motivated to sell professionally and after running the #s, felt we could not afford the tools.

Having said this, we are always interested in making our staff more knowledgeable and professional. We do suffer from attrition (due to hiring pool on this side) and we are regularly training new staff members about our running community, our customer base, and "how to be more professional".

I apologize that you had a bad experience in our store on that particular day and that I was not there to say hello and talk story. (I am working outside the store now too, fyi, and we have a couple of strong key managers on board.)

We appreciate your feedback and as Paul wrote, it is good to know you are trying to keep it in the community. The Redpaths do try to Keep it Kailua in the shopping we do, and when as shop owners we cannot offer the shoes a customer needs, we refer them to one of the town running stores.


Bob Mc.

Time to respond to a few of these comments.
Andy, I find the toe box has plenty of room. The last shoes I was running in were quite a bit narrower. These fit more like my old Montrail Hardrocks.
Paul, I thought you only wore Saloman on the trails. ???
Rob, surprised to hear of your experience up at Peacock with them. I've not run up there yet with them but running Kaena Point (it is hard packed) and on the road for shore distances, they have seemed fine.
Robert, the soil at Keana can be very sticky when wet. Gummed up my mtn bike one time and had to push it.
Melanie, Slippery shoes on Hawaii trails is always a concern. Usually it is due to the shoe sole being made out of too hard of a rubber. Vibram soles have a tendency to be slippery here in my experience. I wore the shoes on Sunday morning on the Maunawili trail and it was very wet at times as it was raining some. They worked OK for me.


I had a pair of Brooks a couple years back and found them extremely slippery on the bottoms. Hope they fixed this. My husband has been running with Brooks road shoes 10+ years faithfully. He loves them as they cured pains in his knees. Happy Running!

Robert P Smith

I so wish I had listened to my initial instinct to go out and get a pair of these before the Firecracker race this morning. The tighter tread on my current shoes packed in and carried so much mud that I swear it doubled the weight of my shoes at times. Thanks for taking the time to write up your experience and share it with us.


I'm glad you went with a local store. Keep the money in Hawaii, and in the Hawaiian running community. When was the last time you saw footlocker employees volunteering at a HURT event?
I have the Brooks Cascadia. I've had some trouble running out at peacocks with them because the knobby traction on those hard roads hurts my forefeet. I plan on using them a lot more once I start training for HURT though.

Paul Sibley

Brooks are my preferred brand: road/trail. They improved over the years and don't fall apart easily any more. I have some issues with the toe box at times since the insole cut is not always clean but that is a QA problem with their manufacturer. They are lighter and feel soft to the foot. Forefoot & pointed running is best with them I found for my mechanics. A close second for me is the Montrail Streak.


I did my first two ultras in Brooks way back in the 80's. I may have to start looking at them again! One question for you Bob, how is the toe box? I've been having a lot of trouble with black toenails lately, and would like to find a shoe with a better toe box than my Adidas.

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