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Sorry I'll miss you guys, I'll be busy following the yellow brick road in search of a heart!

Doug Baker

Hi Sue,

You won't need a light for this run. Sun rise is around 5:30am and there should be plenty of light by 6:00am. I'm not bringing a light.


sue lohr

Question - do you need a light when starting so early? I have never run Maunawili, but look forward to meeting the group. Thanks, sue


Jake is the best!!

Jake H

Sun morning Maunawili runners, I will be doing an aid station at the Pali Lookout for those doing the complete out and back...if you have anything special that you want at the turnaround, leave it with Cheryl and Meredith (my lovely wife) at the Waimanalo end and my station volunteers (my keiki) will grab it and take it to the Pali for you.

Jake H

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