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Mauanawili Out and Back Results

IMG00041-20100814-0706 Aloha Athletes,

First a huge Mahalo to Marian and Neal for putting on an awesome race today. Neal's aid station had nice cold water and lots of support. It was fun to hear the cheers running into the aid station and the people there helping were awesome in getting us back out on the trail quickly.

Marian just puts out an incredible spread of food and we even had a few tourists asking if they could buy food. Clearly this post-race banquet is the best!

A special thanks to Harald for being the water savior for many runners out on the trail. He was a complete surprise and welcome relief to many on the return leg.

The results speak for themselves. Matt S. set another record time but since we don't record times for this race, you'll have to ask him just what his time was. Let's just say it was under 3 hours. 

Click here to see the results. I am sure there will be more photos available later.

Aloha, Bob


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Evelin Montealegre

My first trail run, I love it!

Matt Stevens

Marian: those eggplant/feta cheese wraps were UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job planning this race. Plus Nate walked away with two really cool pig toys, so he was pretty pumped up too!


It was another great Mauanawili O/B run again this year, thanks to all who had help out, I especially like to thank Neil & Marian for an awesome, outstanding run.

Jake H

Special Mahalo to Harald from the Hinz's...Right Place, Right Time!


Matt was running so fast, I'm surprised he didn't spark a brushfire! I think he needs a bigger handicap, how about next year he starts on Sunday!

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