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September 16, 2010


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Great report, Rob. Nice meeting you and I hope you come back to finish off the Plain-beast. Take good care. Justin

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Otherwise it is a great report and even though I can feel Rob's disappointment, as in all 100 mile runs, the personal learning and growth makes it all worthwhile. Great job Rob! Nice lines...


Great run Rob. Fantastic story.

Joe Lee

What a fantastic report. I could really feel your pain. You passed me up near the false summit and looked great. Our day ended at Deep Creek. I was limping pretty good with shin pain too. The plain course is tough on shins I guess. It amazes me how similiar your preparation was to my 2007 first plain attempt, down to the use of the 60csx. I would have finished last year if I would have had a bit less confidence and brought my gps on loop 2. Wish I could have talked to you more.



Great report. Yeah, fast starts are ridiculous. You had the race nailed. That last section must have been tremendous. Next time you can sail through it with 'fond' memories. Great run, great accomplishment. Aloha


such a great job Rob,,be proud,,,Plain is so tough, you just never know what you will be handed out there,,,you'll finish next year!


Awesome Rob! I know it hurts and words wont make it better, but chin-up anyway! This was a gripping report, and I loved reading it. Thanks!


Ha Ha Bob! I was wondering how you'd take that. Although I may have thrown a few naughty words your way at the time, it was all in good fun!


Awesome race report Rob! Extremely well written and it gave me a real sense of the course. You know you'll do this again. You've got it down now!

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