New Trail Half Marathon and 5K race: Gunstock Ranch October 30!
Saturday Training September 11, 2010: Peacock Flats plus something special.

2010 Triple Trek Results

P1010126  Aloha Athletes,

Mahalo to Ernest and Fish for putting on a great race. They did an excellent job of getting the course nice, wet and muddy for all the runners. They had some fun prizes and TTT visors as well plus great snacks. Thanks to everyone else who made the race a success. Cheryl and Katrina up at the road crossing. John and PJ for making this all possible. Marian for dropping off some goodies and everyone else who contributed. There were some amazing performances and stories out there. 

The results can be seen here.

The next race is the Peacock 54. More info will be coming up soon. Time to step up the mileage!

Aloha, Bob 



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Jacki Doppelmayer

A HUGE mahalo to all the TTT directors, runners dishing out goo and doritos and oranges and salt tabs etc to Skyler, those who kicked his butt back out on the trail, Fish who helped him hose down afterward, and of course those special people who made him feel accomplished at the finish line and at the top of Tantalus. We are immensely impressed with and grateful for all of you. You made our first HURT experience amazing, and I suspect Sky-boy will be back for more [good] pain. Today he began to walk around semi normally. Hooray

Thanks again


thanks to all the hurt gang - rd's, volunteers, runners - for an exceptional trail series thus far! looking forward to all the fun for the big two!
the parking 'nazi' must confess he failed and one slipped through claiming he was just going to go register then park below (he subsequently parked in the off limits area). my apologies.
one discrepency to report, Mr Price was clearly had a fist and foot ahead of Mr Fong when they crossed the finish.
da parking nazi

Warren "Newbie" Aoki

Thanks to HURT and the race directors for a great day in the mud. I felt very welcomed and supported the whole long way. This was my first series run with you guys and won't be my last, but now I know why it's called HURT! Ouch! Great job to all the Runner's HI Ohana :) Hope some of you had an awesome Kauai Marathon, Runner's HI 20 K, Roughwater swim, or like me just recovering at home and eating more calories than I burned on Saturday.


Wow- Ernest and Fish,you did a bang up bombdigitty job on this race. We were very impressed with your organization, and attention to all the details.There were a lot more duties to attend to well before the race even started. Truly, a couple of pros.

TTT has some special problems, not mention that we are right under the noses of Na Ala Hele! But I know they will be pleased that we got in and out of the Nature Center so smoothly, and left it cleaner that when we got there.

Thank you HAFB volunteers, who were there helping for the most part of the race, and a new friend taking everyone's pictures, and to Ernest and Fish for dealing with the NAH permitting papers at the last minute, and who wuz it as the very efficient parking nazi early in the morning?; thanks for the exquizite food donators (just who concocted that big ole' pasta salad?? went fast... starts with a You know, the ole' lady that ran the upper ais station?),and the brownies donator MacAllaster, the jalapeno twisted up cake that got devoured,. oh, and the delectible swirled mochi- ooo, to die for, the Fishes gourmet tuna salad as well as salmon sald with onions, parsley and creme cheese and all that smoochie stuff.
Special thanks to Cherly's gourmet giant bowl of pasta salad, that was scarfed in and hour, Welll, just run faster if you want to get to it!!
Yes a group effort, and an effort of love.

HURT is quite a nice group fo people- they are deep, especially after 20 hours together in the dark on a trail , where conversations ultimately turn to favorite meals, special food yearnings (a rare hamberger, etc)......

Seriously, John and I are relieved to have you guys take over this responsibility- with Vi's Adventure Trek at Kualoa Ranch coming right up, and then HURT 100 soon after,our handling three races almost back to back was a burn out! After our conversations with you two before things started, we had all confidence in your abilities to run the whole show- we just had to show up with the scoring equipment, and couple chairs (John's and PJ's Thrones), and be ready to take orders from the new RD's. A totally pleasurable experience.
Welcome Ernesrt and Fred to the ranks of the honored, yet feared ranks of the "RACE DIRECTORS" .

We know that the trail Series Races are always a group effort, but you two did a lot of work, and serviced the runners like they were competing in a 36 hour 100 mile event. You did HURT proud! THANK YOU!!!

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