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Saturday Training October 2, 2010: Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

Back to Peacock this week. Hope it is as nice as it was this past week. 

Normal start will be at 6:45 again, in the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield. 

If you are thinking about starting earlier, well you know who you are, where to meet and who to contact.

You know the drill, bring lots of fluids, your nutrition and electrolytes. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob


Send-Off Run & Sushi Lunch for Heather Howells, Sunday, Oct 3.

This Sunday, October 3rd, a group of us will be meeting at the Dillingham Airfield at 8:30am to run Kaena Point out & back with Heather Howells for her 'final' training run before she leaves for her 7 day, 250km/155m race in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, an adventure that she will be undertaking as a charity event for HOKISA, a small orphanage in South Africa that cares for pediatric HIV/AIDS patients for children who lost their parents to the disease. Check out this link to read a recent article written about Heather, the race, and the charity: http://www.thehawaiiindependent.com/story/jw-feature-9-22-laies-heather-howells-to-cross-the-kalahari-desert-for-a-ca/

I know 8:30am is like the middle of the day for some of you... but we want to time it so that we can have lunch together at Banzai Sushi Bar in the North Shore Market Place next to Cholo's in Haleiwa afterwards. Same deal as for Cheryl's birthday lunch, please RSVP to [email protected] if you can join us for lunch there at 11:30am.

Hope to see you out there for the run or lunch or both!

Matt Stevens wins 5K on Saturday, then Maui Marathon on Sunday!

I know this blog is for posts about ultrarunning, and I think winning two back-to-back races in the same weekend must somehow qualify.  This is Matt's wife, Lesley, and I just wanted to share some pictures and stories of Matt's exceptional weekend.  I'm super proud of him!

We went over to Maui for our third anniversary, and like any good ultrarunner, Matt combined our vacation with some racing.  He intended to run the Maui Tacos 5K on Saturday, then the Maui Half Marathon on Sunday.

Saturday morning he won the 5K fairly easily in a time of 16:07. IMG_6509
After a snorkel trip that afternoon, we went to spectate the Front Street Mile, and watched Nate Brannen, Canadian Olympian in Beijing and 3:52 miler, win the mile with a nasty finishing kick.  We chatted with him briefly afterwards, and he dropped that he was going to run the half marathon the next day for an "easy $400."

As the defending half-marathon winner from last year, Matt had been hoping for that "easy $400," too.  So in a last minute gamble for some prize money, at about 5pm on Saturday afternoon he switched his entry for the next morning to the full marathon.  He hadn't trained for a full, the longest training runs he had been doing were about 10 miles.  We didn't know if there were Olympians that had secretly registered for the full.  Matt didn't have any power gels to eat during the race.  The gamble was huge.

Here enters good HURT buddy Paul Hopwood.  With nowhere to pick up power gels after 5pm in Lahaina, Matt calls up Paul in desperation and asks him to bring a few goos to the race start.  Paul was already signed up to race the full marathon, and graciously agreed to help out a fellow HURT runner in need.

To sum up this long story, Matt managed to WIN the Maui marathon by nearly eight minutes with a time of 2:47:36!  WOW!  Paul came in a very close third, due only to a hamstring lock in the home stretch.  Otherwise HURT guys would have taken both top spots.  Congrats guys!


 For more, check out the article about them on the Maui News website:


This past weekend, me and a couple of buddies made a run up the Poamoho Hele Loa and the Poamoho Ridge Trail. Permit was required, and we had permit in hand. We'd looked at having some friend be our support, to meet us at the end of the Hele Loa and run the last part, but that fell through (so we ran unsupported).

Good run, good route, good trail. This is a run worth doing. The last mile is not running; maybe an aggressive hike, but not running. We traded great running weather for lesser views from the top, but that was fine.

Details are here: http://running.artlaflamme.com/?p=376

Poamoho Ridge Trail & Poamoho Hele Loa Access Road 041

Saturday Training September 25, 2010: Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

Back to Peacock. Gotta get those miles in now as the Peacock 54 will be here soon.

Normal start will be at 6:45 again, in the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield. 

If you are thinking about starting earlier, check in with Marian. You know the drill, bring lots of fluids, your nutrition and electrolytes. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Annapurna Circuit

Last minute vacation plan. Heading to Nepal 1st 2 weeks of nov. Default plan is run/hike Annapurna circuit + sanctuary (+ more if weather cooperates). But would like any advice from any of youse guys, or contacts to folks who have been there, done that. Anyone with 90K UA miles to burn who'd like to come along please e-mail ;-) For a taste of the scenery check out the slide-show at my colleague's page: http://picasaweb.google.com/jpw200/AnnapurnaCircuit#

reply to kaiser at hawaii.edu

Traveling back to Hawaii for a running vacation X-Terra, as many Hurt loops as possible and Honolulu Marathon, Anyone have an apartment they would like to rent from 3 December 2010 to 13 December 2010 for 2 adults and 2kids. Give me a call 808-554-7830 or [email protected]

Aloha Mauricio

2010 Plain 100 DNF Report by Rob Lahoe

2010 Plain Photo Rob Lahoe returned from his trip to Washington and submitted a great run report on his attempt at the Plain 100. His photo at left is a site I never saw the year I attempted Plain. When we were on this same peak, we were in almost white-out conditions. It just looks like a nice summer day by this photo. 

I must also take this time to defend my position where Rob says I lied about a particular climb. I stand by what I originally said. 

Otherwise it is a great report and even though I can feel Rob's disappointment, as in all 100 mile runs, the personal learning and growth makes it all worthwhile. Great job Rob! Click here to read Rob's report. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training September 17, 2010: Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

With the Peacock 54 looming large on the horizon (October 23), it is time to get some miles in up at Peacock. 

This week we will meet at 6:45 a.m. at the lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield. Remember now is the time to get your hydration, nutrition, and electrolytes dialed in vs. race day. 

Bring what you think you will need. I am sure you will have all kinds of distance options. Remember, you can always just do the mileage you want by turning around, doing an out and back or making up your own loop. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Vi & Peg’s Adventure Trek ~ Kualoa Ranch: October 10, 2010

Vi & Peg’s Adventure Trek ~ Kualoa Ranch

Sunday, October 10, 2010

7:00 am Registration ~ 8:00 am Race Start

An Adventure to raise awareness about ALS

In honor of local athlete Vi Jones-Medusky & local artist Peggy Chun

Honolulu, Hawaii 9/ 10/ 2010 : Join the adventure in honor of Vi & Peg on a beautiful 3+ mile course along jeep roads, cow pastures and stream crossings through lush Kaaawa Valley. You can help raise awareness about ALS and call attention to the need for more funding to find a cure for this disease while trekking through sites where Jurassic Park, Windtalkers, Lost and several other movies were filmed.

Vi Jones-Medusky has been living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis since 2004. ALS progressively destroys nerve cells controlling muscles, ultimately paralysing voluntary movement. An accomplished athlete, Vi has finished marathons in Honolulu, Boston, New York, Portland, Los Angeles and Maui as well as five Ultra Marathons and three Ironman Triathlons – Vi kept active for as long as possible: when she could no longer run she biked, when she could no longer bike, she swam. Now bedridden and requiring 24 hour care, Vi’s beautiful smile and spirit is an inspiration to all.

Click here for application.

Hawaii artist Peggy Chun known for her brilliant and whimsical watercolors of Island life succumbed to ALS in 2008, 7 years after being diagnosed with the disease. When Peggy could no longer paint with her hands, she held the paintbrush between her teeth. When she was completely paralyzed, she used a computer program that read her eyes, and when that failed, she signalled with her eyes so that caretakers could create her artwork. She never stopped painting and wrote on her website “After all, you don’t paint with your hands, you paint with your heart.”

$20.00 entry fee includes a t-shirt featuring original artwork by Peggy Chun. Entry deadline is October 1, 2010 and limited to 280 participants. For more information, call the Muscular Dystrophy Association ALS Division 808-593-4454 or email Audrey Hirayama at: [email protected]

This trek is organized by Hawaii Ultra Running Team (HURT) and MDA with a team of about 50 dedicated volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to wear a creative costume to add to the fun and bring a smile to Vi’s face. Race applications will be sent to all past participants and will also be available at local sporting event stores and online at hurthawaii.blogs.com.

Prizes from Peggy Chun’s Gallery will be awarded randomly to finishers.

About MDA ALS Division

MDA has led the fight against ALS for more than 50 years. Vital health care programs such as hospital-affiliated clinics and wheelchair purchases are funded almost entirely by individual private contributors. For more information about MDA's ALS Division, visit www.als-mda.org.

Happy Birthday to Cheryl!

Today is the big day for someone we all know and love, Cheryl!

Don't forget to RSVP to Julie if you are joining us for a birthday celebration at Cholo's on Saturday around 11:30 a.m. I hear you can get your electrolytes on the rim of a glass with some nice cold margarita to wash it down with at Cholo's. 

Contact Julie ASAP if you are going: julie dot takishima at yahoo dot com

Trailhead Directions and Info: A work in progress

Aloha Athletes,

Sean Price has taken the initiative and started what hopefully will become a valuable resource for new runners and visiting runners. 

He has started a document that will show the trailhead starting points and included a Google map link as well as other info about the run and trailhead. 

I've placed his document on the top left side under HURT Hot Topics.

Here is Sean's note:

"I've been noticing that when training notices are posted to the blog, we always get some new runners asking the standard "how to get there, where to park, what to expect" type questions. And this weekend when several different people asked me questions about starting at the bottom of long road for Peacock Flats, I realized we had a need for a centralized community doc to answer these questions. 

To that end, I created a "starter" Google Doc. http://tinyurl.com/286zco8

I was wondering if you could post a perma link to this on the blog sidebar so we can just start referring people to it. It's "read" access to anyone who has the link, but I put a note in the Doc that I will grant edit rights to anyone who wants to add to the doc. I want people to add to it since I'm too lazy to write up directions to all the training spots myself. Maybe we could even get some of those RD's to give directions to their own races. (Like the Firecracker race) :)

-- Sean"

This is a great idea Sean and one that others have asked for. Thanks for getting it started. 

Aloha, Bob