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September 29, 2010


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and...the stash will be full for next Sat. either Rob or Gordon will take care of it. great job out there today everyone..


I just want to thank eveyone for contributing to the water stash at Peacock. While out on the trail last week, I mentioned to folks,if they saw Gordon, give him a few bucks for water. I stopped by to see him today to give him some cash,,and he told me so many folks did the same last Sat.
We all know the water is there,,but many don't even know how it gets there,,,Gordon spends the day hauling gallons up there for us..Mahalo to all, especially to Gordon.

Doug Baker

Jake: I'll join you at 4am.


I'm starting late with Don & Vernon,,,you'd better not let US catch any of you!!

jake h

J-squared...no doubt you will catch me, you speed demons...its all about "TOF" (as Mike M says) for me!

Andy G

Dang, Jake! I jokingly suggested doing that to Sean last weekend! Now we may have to actually do it with you!


5am Long Road...we're gonna try and catch Jake ;-) J-squared

Jake H

4AM at long road for a loop + a long road repeat is my plan. This will be LSD for me...just getting it done, but not quickly. If you'd like to join me, please do!

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