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Monica Scholz report

Aloha Athletes !

Just talked with our good friend and "ultrarunning legend in her own time" Monica Scholz who was preparing for a flight to Arizona to do the Javelina Jundred, which will be her 22nd 100 mile finish for 2010 and her 108th 100 mile finish, total. I don't call her "The Ultimate Super Chick" for nothing. She plans to stop at #25 for the year, breaking her existing world record of 23, saying all that traveling is getting to be a drag. To work a demanding full-time job and travel from Canada all across North America doing 100 milers is almost unbelievable. All the best, Monica !

Monica will be here in January, going for HURT 100 finish #11. Say "hi", she's a great gal.   Don


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Wish I was 42 and good looking!


Monica's stop #25 should be in Creemore (smalltown, Ontario) on November 27/28. The race has reached its cap of 30 people... 30 PEOPLE? I expect the big draw is Monica - to celebrate her 2010 endeavor, but do these people have any idea what the weather is like in Creemore in late November? I had to warn a guy coming from Alaska that it gets cold! All the best at JJ and can't wait to watch history in the making next month!

Matt Stevens

the thought of completing 108 100's is completely incomprehensible to me. Amazing. Congrats, Monica!


WOW!!! Just amazing!!!


Aloha, Monica You are just one amazing gal. See you at HURT 100 January 2011.

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