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Yay ROB!!! woohoo!! Rob's World famous mobile aid station will be back at Peacocks again! look forward to seeing you at the top of the hill...

Thanks to all the organizing crews & volunteers, Gordon for creating such a brutal I mean Fun, course, and ... see all of you out on the dirt at zero-dark...


Actually, the intersection aid station will only have ice water, Mt. Dew, and coke. No snacks. I tried talking them into only having hot coffee, but Gordon said that might be overkill. I think I can break him down next year, though, If we get more than a 35% finish rate this weekend.

Doug Baker

I'll show up for volunteer duty at 4:00pm.


Just in advance: much thanks Gordon, Don, PJ, Jon, Cheryl, Rob, and all the volunteers for making this event possible! Know we'll all have a memorable day (and night)!

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