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October 25, 2010


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The headlamp was mine and has been claimed--someone had come to my truck with dying batteries so I let them borrow it.

jesse story

is the headlamp like a army digital green? thanks!


Got a blue Sports Authority chair from Wily (someone said it was mine, it's not). Let me know if you'd like to lay claim to it. Still haven't found the mochi pan...

Doug Long

Yeah, the blue round cooler was left by this knuckle-head. I'll be wherever the blog tells us to go this weekend.
Many Mahalos

jake h


The headlamp may be mine...if Randy left it with you at the Aid Station....I sent you a message on FB describing it.



Gordon...Let's do it one last time...unofficial of course. We can call it the Lost 54. I'm sure there are at least 54 runners still lost out there from years past...We can hand out visors to any of the perpetual runners we come across.


i'd like one camo visor.. can't find mine from last year..


did anyone find the green pan the mochi was in? you can have the mochi (probably gone by now) but need the pan back. thanks!


Aaah that black soft cooler is mine...It should have a little Waldo keychain on it. I'll be at a training run sooner as soon as I get my legs back. Thanks for grabbing it.


Hey.... I'd LOVE to have another visor or TWO!!!!!! I can mail them off to my kids!!!!

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