Peacock Lost and Found
"Unofficial" Run to the Sun Sunday March 20, 2011

Saturday training 10-30-10 "Manoa to Jackass"

Aloha Athletes !

With the very tough Peacock 54 behind us it's time to start serious HURT 100 training. This Saturday will be the first of many Saturday training runs over the next two months starting at 6 am at the end of Manoa Rd., and going to Jackass Ginger, and returning. Repeats are the order of the day, so do as many as you can. There will be other training routes along the way...HURT loops...Peacock loops, etc. but Manoa to Jackass will definitely be a favorite. It will make you tough.  Don


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Looks like I'll be doing the 1/2 tomorrow as well... Condsidering a night loop, but repeats seem so much more... umm, dare I say "funnerer". Either way, a trip to tantalus is a given this weekend.


Hey All... I'll be at Gunstock for the 1/2, sort of.... I'm afraid, I left a few toenails at Peacocks!! haha
I'll be looking for a good Mariachi band, any suggestions??? he he he


A handful of us (myself, Heather, Wily, Eric, Andy for sure) are doing the Gunstock 1/2. We were planning to do Tantalus training Sunday morning although I really need to do some night training. Let me see how I feel after Gunstock to see whether to join you Mike! I do not have your number. I will e-mail facebook you mine.


Manoa out and back is roughly about 12 miles. Do a double or two and you will be right for the night. make it another 54!


What is the distance of the Manoa to Jackass out and back? Is anyone running the Gunstock half? I am weighing my Saturday options!


Going out at 7:00PM Saturday Oct 30, for a wonderful NIGHT Loop. Leaving from Manoa Rd. site. Rewater at Nature Center. Intent is a sub-seven. All welcome. Let me know if you are interested.

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