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November 26, 2010


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This sounds like my kind of run. Hopefully oneday I will be there to join in the madness.


"Fun" doesn't begin to describe it!


Sorry I missed... sounds like fun?!!! Hope to be on island next year to join in the madness.


If you ran. please email me with your loop count so I can put together a final unoffical roster of runners and loops completed. Thank you for coming out. Aloha Mikem (mmuench01 at G mail dot com)


Well, the Hogback, or more accurately The Pipe, ate me last night. No fear I have plenty of excuses, but the bottom line was I quit at five with knee pain. Congrats to all the runners who came out to the Dark Side. You are all better prepared for the HURT as a result of the night long trek.

This year we had about 15 runners show. Four Female runners showed up which continues our HURT trend toward greater female participation.

Briefly and very incompletely, It was Harald at 13, Laura, Ryan, Doug @ 12. Hannah, Clem @ 11. Julie D, Ben, Rob Lahoe, and a couple of others at 10. I forgot my notebook so this is all from memory. I apologize for the oversight and for not including your name if you were missed.

Conditions were wet and slippery. It was dark the entire time. Having this event the day after Thanksgiving seems to have been a bit hard on most runners. Everyone agreed it was good training, if only for the fact that it was often not too nice out there.

Thank you everyone who showed. Thanks to Clem for the Pizza, Laura for the goos.

The Darkside had few survivors this year. None who were ready to do more than 12 laps or so. The Pipe, if not the Hogback ate us all.

Aloha! Mikem


Would anyone like some company tomorrow morning (Sunday) up on Tantalus? Skyler would like to start early (between 5 and 6) but wouldn't mind a buddy or two.

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