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Saturday Training 12-4-10 "Mixed Plate"

Aloha Athletes !

I have no earthly idea where everybody will be training this weekend...hopefully you do. I know that Anne from Alaska will be here Saturday and Cheryl and Julie T. are planning on showing her the Peacock trails. On Sunday morning, she will likely be on the HURT course. Sorry to not be of any help. I'll try to do better.   Don

Congratulations to Ultraman Finisher Wendy Minor

156650_173879679306217_100000525570197_509886_2808529_n This past weekend while many of us were enjoying Thanksgiving and all the leftovers, Black Friday and other Christmas shopping adventures or maybe even doing something crazy like Hogsback repeats all night long, Wendy Minor was out doing Ultraman. 

She had a terrific Ultraman support crew of Gil and Cheryl Loomis and Steve and Jakob Dewald. They were the Brew Crew!

You can learn more about Ultraman here

She has a whole album of photos here

Wendy has done numerous Ironman's, Xterra's, and now Ultraman. Congratulations Wendy!

HIgh Gusts, Torrential Rain, Earth Quakes, Eternal Darkness Predicted for Tonight's Hogback Darkside!

It's HERE, and on BLACK FRIDAY!  Tonight at 6:00PM at the Nature Center.  12 HOURS of Mayhem, Endless Suffering, and Regret.  Come join the Madness of the the HOGBACK 12 HOUR: ENTER THE DARKSIDE.  Come learn how you will feel as you stumble up the infamous Hogback trail on the fourth loop of the HURT 1000.   Come experience what makes the whiners quit, the strong faulter, and  every ultra runner cringe.  Come run a dozen Loops of HURT's own little inner circle of HELL.  See you there!!!

The survivors will run a HURT loop after sun up just to show they are not meek....just totally Mad!

Edited: H.U.R.T. 100 Selected Runners and Wait Listed Runners & Other News

Aloha Runners,

By now most of you are into your hard core training for the 2011 H.U.R.T.100. We are very excited about what is shaping up to be an incredible race. We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.

The November 15, 2010 date to withdraw from the race with a partial refund has passed. However, if you would still like to withdraw from the run please let me know as we still have a lot of runners who would like a slot. Please contact Jeff if you would like to give up your slot.

As you might expect there has been a lot of movement on the entry list. The selected participants for the 2011 H.U.R.T. 100 can be found Here

It should be pointed out that the entrant list at Ultra Signup will update within 24 hours when a runner has dropped from the run and a waitlisted runner has accepted the slot. So if you would like to see who has entered or left the run in a more timely fashion than waiting for our update you might want to check Ultra

As an added note, please update your profile on Ultra Signup with your photo. We may be utilizing it for the live web updates in January.

Meanwhile the ordered wait list of runners has dwindled and it can be found   Here 

For those on the wait list it is imperative that you keep your e mail current with us. You have but a few days to respond to our e mail inquiry of interest in the slot. If you don't respond we move onto the next runner.

For our out of town guests who will soon be booking their air travel, we will once again have a post race non hosted banquet on January 17, 2011 @ 5:00 p.m. Details will be posted at a later date.


Jeff, PJ, & John

Postcards from Annapurna

I went to run/trek around Annapurna for a couple of weeks earlier in the month to kick off my HURT training. I was initially looking into various ultras and stage-races in the area which take place at this time of year, but the fees are high so I thought I would just go and explore on my own. It went very well; weather cooperated and accommodation in "tea-houses" worked out nicely. I strongly recommend it.

You can browse through the pictures I took at here, and I also created this "how-to" blog.

Nick Kaiser

I am wondering if there are any willing pacers for the 2011 Hurt100 around? I was slotted in as a replacement this week and as such my pacers
can't travel on short notice. I am an average runner looking at a 32-34 hour finish-and looking for whatever help may present itself:) You can respond to [email protected]

Mikem's 61st Birthday Run

100K over three HURT loops. 5:00PM November 12th  to 3:00PM November 13th,2010

 Ask and you shall receive is the old saying. It must have been  the Oahu trail gods being talked about because they proved quite bountiful in their provision of rain, and mud; the Kane god of mud Kanekelekelekalepo being particularly plenteous.  If this is a harbinger of this winter’s trail season I only advise that runners start looking into trail running/bodysurfing cross trainers. 

I did three loops plus this year,  which came as a real relief when I thought back on last year’s sixty hours of running.  Staying out on the trails for one night was more than enough for this old man, and I could only shake my head at the practical joke I played on myself last year…’You mean a birthday run is in Miles not Hours?’  

continued at http://runningovertheedge.blogspot.com/ 

Saturday Training 11-20-10 "Gravy All Over !"

Aloha Athletes !

Lately, Saturday Training has been a lot like "Gravy All Over"...different starting times, different starting places, which is the "way it is"...everyone has different schedules and lives in different areas of our beautiful island. This Saturday we will continue with our traditional HURT 100 training venue: 6:00 am at the end of Manoa Rd.  Also, there will be a few seeking dryer trails that will be meeting at the bottom of Long Road to do some Peacock Flats heat training. No matter what your schedule is, please get out there and do something. Your body will thank you.  Now...can I have two scoops rice with that?  Don

The Unofficial 12 Hours of Hogback; Enter the DarkSide

Another in the Madness Series.....


Time: 6:00PM Friday November 26th to 6:00AM  Saturday November 27

Place:  Hogback (of course!)  Nature Center Picnic Table. 

The Route:  Inner loops (Hogback, Cross-over, Center)  repeated.

Bring your own stuff, though there will be some refreshments there. 

This is a great test of stamina and fortitude over that bit of ground that is so loved by us all.  Come out and get your lines down up the hogback and the cross-over. 

Remember....if you cann't do five.....you won't survive....

Karl Meltzer on NBC this Sunday

 NBC Sports will be airing a story on Karl Meltzers latest adventure at 3:00 p.m. ET (I think that means 10 a.m. for us).

NBC Sports

Red Bull Human Express: WOAS hits the road with Red Bull athlete Karl Meltzer as he takes on the legendary Pony Express Route...on foot. The Pony Express served as the premier U.S. mail service from east to west for 18 months in the 1860s and became the West’s best form of communication prior to the telegraph. Though the ponies back then worked hard, Meltzer covers even more ground per day than they ever did, completing over two marathons a day. While the 2,000+ mile journey is impressive enough, he also faces challenging terrain, unpredictable weather and a worrying lack of water.
Web: www.redbull.com
  <PRE>Red Bull Human Express</PRE>

Mikey's Birthday Run (3+ HURT LOOPS)

Start time 5:00 PM Friday November 12, Manoa Rd. @narrows.  Distance 3+ Loops.  Stashes stocked.  Charity event.

Well its been quite a year!  60 Hour HOSPICE Runner run, HURT 100 (PR), Round Oahu, 2Seas2Summits, Maui Madness, Peacock(PR)....to name just the highlights.  Running for 60 hours plus on a number of occasions, was quite a challenge, doing 130,135, 160, 170 mile runs alters ones thought processes. I am thankful for those runs and all the support I received from all of you. There were 'totally fried' moments when I would not have gone on if good friends had not of been there to offer care and support. Thank you so much!  And there were a few 'so far out I'm never coming back' moments when I had to reach down deep and make it happen on my own.  All hard acts to follow.  

To commemorate the end of a great year, and mark the beginning of yet another I plan to run a 100 K this week-end.  It will be a three hurt loop plus, run.  I am planning on going out 5:00PM on Friday evening from the Manoa Road standard parking area, just before road narrows.  I will be stocking the Stashes at Manoa, Jack-ass, and Nature Center. (Marked with Orange Tape and similar to last year's in locations)  I'll have water, drinks, and some snacks at each location.  The goal is to show up at Manoa at around 11:00 PM and then again around 6:00 AM on Saturday.  

I will be donating $10 to St. Francis Hospice for every runner who makes it out  this week-end.   So your effort will help a good cause.

We are farther into the training season than most people realize.  It is time to be doing loops, time to be doing multiple loops, if you plan to be out there for HURT you need night running time..   I invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to get out and do some night loop training.  If we are lucky it will rain, blow, and be really muddy so we can have a great training secession.  This is the time to get your lights straight, to figure out your dark times, to understand night nutrition and fatigue factors, to do some distance alone in the hills at night with the guys who live beside the trails, and to have the support of other runners. Remember laps three and four are hope killers, dream snatchers, the doubt demons of HURT runners.  Night Loops make or break HURT for most runners. Come out and make friends with all the trail nasties.  

I look forward to seeing you out there!  If you have any questions please email me at mmuench01 at gmail.  Or you can post a question here, on facebook, or call me at threeseventwo-twosixthreezero.

Aloha!  Mikem      

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (250km/155miles) by Heather Howells

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 2010

My adventure began on the 12th October 2010 with an extreme travelthon from Hawaii to South Africa, eventually arriving in Johannesburg 36 hours later. It was at the hotel in Johannesburg that I met Chanleigh and it turned out that her and I were joined at the hip for most of the event. That evening we also met the British contingent who kept us entertained throughout the event with their stories of other extreme marathons and their witty banter. The following morning we embarked on a 10 hour bus drive to Augrabies through a thirsty looking landscape and were joined by more runners and crew members from Johannesburg for the trip. All in all a 46 hour journey to get to the start line and the games hadn’t even begun!


On arrival we were housed in comfortable chalets at the Augrabies National Park and had a visit from Vervet monkeys almost immediately. Within the near vicinity we could view the spectacular Augrabies Falls and had the opportunity to take photos of Quiver trees, Dassies (Rock Hyrax), Broadley’s lizards which are only found within a 100km radius of the falls. The females are brown and black with three cream stripes on their backs and the males are rainbow colored in order to attract a mate. A huge chunk of Rose quartz was on display at the park and I was soon to find out that the Kalahari is littered with the stuff. That evening a game drive ensued and we came across multiple giraffe and a small herd of Springbok and stopped off at a scenic lookout over a deep gorge which the Orange River flowed through. That evening we had dinner at the Augrabies Lodge and met more of the runners and crew.

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