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Saturday Training 11-20-10 "Gravy All Over !"

Aloha Athletes !

Lately, Saturday Training has been a lot like "Gravy All Over"...different starting times, different starting places, which is the "way it is"...everyone has different schedules and lives in different areas of our beautiful island. This Saturday we will continue with our traditional HURT 100 training venue: 6:00 am at the end of Manoa Rd.  Also, there will be a few seeking dryer trails that will be meeting at the bottom of Long Road to do some Peacock Flats heat training. No matter what your schedule is, please get out there and do something. Your body will thank you.  Now...can I have two scoops rice with that?  Don


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Hannah, I could use some company. Email me at if you are interested. Larry


5:30 PM Friday NC table start, 1 Loop. Bad weather may slow us, but only a deluge will stop us. This is the season of the Mud!!


Is anyone starting earlier than 6 a.m.?


I work Friday and won't get off until mid morning Saturday. If anyone is interested in a loop+ starting a little later I'm your gal. I think I would also be ok doing some Peacock miles...

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