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Brandt Gibson

I am new to this site, I love trail running and was hoping to integrate myself into the community a bit. I usually have weekends off and would like to know when I can meet someone or a group of people to train. I am in o.k. running shape looking to get into great shape again and I have a lot of heart but I have never competed, just for my own enjoyment and spirituality but I am thinking of getting serious about training on the trails once a weekend if I can find some people to show me around. Thanks, Brandt Gibson ( brandtgibson14@yahoo.com )


I don't think I'll get out of work on time to meet you at 6P but if you let me know when you expect to be done with your first loop I'll keep you company on your second... ultrarunningirl@gmail.com


Where and when at Peacock on Saturday?

Jake H

sorry...6P to 6A for 40 (two loops) starting Friday night.

Jake H

I am planning a 6A to 6P if anyone is out there.

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