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2011 HURT 100 Trail Marking

Aloha Athletes !

It's time to start asking for volunteers to help with trail marking. The date is Friday January 14, 2011. We will be meeting at 8:00 am at the lower parking lot at the Hawaii Nature Center and will split into teams. PLEASE let me know via e-mail: [email protected] if you can help. It generally takes around 3 hours. We'd love to have you.  Aloha !  Don

Runner seeks pacer

I am looking for a pacer for HURT.  Bob McAllaster has kindly offered to whip me along on loop 4, but I would also appreciate company on the 2nd and 3rd legs of loop 3.  I'd expect to be hitting Paradise some time around 9pm, though if conditions don't improve it might be later.  Please text or phone 808 520 3680 if you would like to help me out. Mahalo,

Nick Kaiser

Update on Downed Tree's from Ed and Carol

Today, Carol and I went for a short Christmas run.  We ran to where Nick K. reported fallen trees on December 22.  We arrived at the fallen trees around 1 PM.  There were two trees, both with trunks the diameter larger than my bow saw could handle.  We did manage to clear some of the larger branches from the lower tree so passage is much easier.  Even those branches were challenging cutting with my bow saw.
Some clearing was done and it is a little easier to pass through.
Here's some photos:
Fallen tree blocking trail on the way up to Kent Bien's chair.
Cutting the smaller branches of the lower tree.
Carol supervising.
Lower tree, yes this is one tree, cleared enough to pass through.
At Kent Bien's chair on the way back.
Back at my truck.
Merry Christmas,
Edward Bugarin
(Thanks Ed and Carol for doing this on Christmas day. Your gift to the HURT runners!)
Aloha, Bob
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Happy Holidays !

Aloha Athletes !

2010 has been an amazing year for the HURT family of runners ! There's been so many new faces out there that I certainly can't begin to count them all. Every HURT Trail Series race for 2010 broke attendance records ! It's been an exciting year. John, PJ and Jeff have been working hard on the most popular HURT 100 in history, coming up on January 15-16, 2011, so 2011 will be starting with a bang. I'm proud to be just a small part of such a very cool group of people. Thank you all for doing your part. You are truly amazing ! You keep an old guy young !

Happy Holidays all !


Last Minute HURT 100/Trail Running Ideas

Aloha Athletes,

Just wanted to give you a list of items I found doing a search on the web last night. I know it is last minute but...

Hand Crank Flashlight

The perfect gift to keep you awake at night during the HURT 100. When it dies, you will be forced to crank it for more light and that will keep you awake.  Dual Use: Charges your cell phone!

Trademark 72-1222 XT Power Hand Crank Flashlight and Cell Phone Charge


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Hood to Coast Movie Night Opportunity in Honolulu January 11, 2011

Aloha Athletes,

Just wanting to let you know about an upcoming event some of you might be interested in. 

"We are very excited to bring you the new running documentary Hood to Coast to your area, and I know this film will inspire runners everywhere to have a great 2011.  We hope you’ll take the opportunity to celebrate your passion for the sport of running by attending the movie as a team for our special One-Night Only Event on January 11, 2011. 

You can find your local theater and buy tickets, as well as watch our trailer and learn a little more about the teams we followed at www.hoodtocoastmovie.com.  We are already seeing great ticket sales in many cities, so make sure to secure your tickets early for 1-11-11, especially if you’re coming with a group!  Tickets make great stocking stuffers for the runner who has everything."

I think the local theater is Dole Cannery. You can click the link to find more info and purchase tickets.




Saturday "Last Ditch" HURT Training 12-18-10

Aloha Athletes !

Well boys and girls there's something like 4 weeks from this Saturday until the running of the 11th annual HURT 100 Mile Trail Endurance Run, so THIS WEEKEND should be about your last shot at a long training run. Some people say "aw, a couple of HURT loops should do it", but I say more. Granted, unless you are single, or have a very supportive spouse, the Holidays can be a challenging time to get out for a tough, 50 mile training run, but in my opinion, now's the time for it, and that's what you really need ! So, the plan is to meet at the Nature Center at 6:00 am, which just happens to be the exact starting time for the race, and go do as much as you can. Suggestion: Try to emulate your pace for the race and just go for as long as you have time for (or energy for) and see where it takes you....a minimum of 40...but 50 would be better. Also, start with the lighting and food/drink that you plan to use for the race. Get serious ! If you are smart, this will be your last weekend to go long, so take full advantage of it !. So, go out and have fun.  Don


Shopping Deals: Timex Global Trainer GPS for $119 Thru Amazon

Aloha Athletes,

I just learned of this great deal and wanted to pass it on. I go back and forth between using technology like this and not using it. I also realize there are lots of competitive products and review sites out there. 

I learned of this most recent deal from DC Rainmaker and a Twitter post he made. His site is chocked full of reviews on products like this and other athlete related items. Much of what he reviews is focused on triathletes but we can all learn from this. 

If you want to read his in-depth review of the Timex Global Trainer, click here. I learned from him that the Timex has the same chip set in it that the popular Garmin GPS units have. 

Please take a look at DC's site as he has reviews of other products as well and again, they are almost always extremely in-depth and well done. 

In any case, click here for the Amazon link. There is a $50 saving at check-out that gets the price down to the $119.

Thank you DC Rainmaker for this update. 

Happy Shopping!

Aloha, Bob

H.U.R.T. 100 Wait List News & Other Nuggets

Aloha Runners,


We will be closing down the wait list on 12/15/2010. We have just sent out 5 invitations for 3 slots, if you were on the wait list and did not receive an e mail you will not be running the 2011 H.U.R.T. 100. If you were one of the 5 those last three slots are doled out as first come first served as spelled out in your e mail. We thank you all for you interest in the H.U.R.T. 100.

An updated runner entrant list after 12/15/10.

For those of you who were not accepted into the run and who will be in town for the event, we would strongly encourage you to volunteer in some capacity. We are looking for trail marking members and aid station volunteers.

We will also be employing "Safety Sweeps" this year and are seeking 3-4 more runners who are knowledgeable of the course and who want to be out there for 8-10 hours of running.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity.



Jeff, John, PJ.

Post-marathon potluck chez Pel and Nick

Pel and I will be hosting a post-marathon potluck on Sunday. All welcome. Festivities begin 2pm.  Will have chips, dips, soft drinks + some booze + BBQ.  We're at 1633A Paula Drive (continuation of 16th going mauka from Waialae).  Please send e-mail to kaiser at hawaii dot edu if you plan to come so I can get a rough head-count.  Nick.