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Matt Stevens

Post of the year, Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm imagining the ambitious HURT runner this year who would take ALL these suggestions, guzzling toxic amounts of hard liquor and caffeine from the beer helmet while cranking a flashlight, trying desperately to figure out his mile 63 split in the dark. The ink has long been covered in mud, but he won't fret, b/c he always keeps a cool head with his solar powered fan-hat. We are truly seeing the future of trail running in this post!


@David C, obviously the hydration hat, since you can also use it for your post race beers!

David C.

I'm truly frustrated because I can't decide between the hydration hat and the solar cooling hat. Both are sooo important! How can I possibly choose??



You leave me speechless.

Paul Sibley

Wow - I thought I was ready, now to go buy a cow and some ammo... thanks Bob!

Doug Baker

Cracking up over here! Hand crank flash light plus Ammo is so funny.

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