Happy Holidays !
Runner seeks pacer

Update on Downed Tree's from Ed and Carol

Today, Carol and I went for a short Christmas run.  We ran to where Nick K. reported fallen trees on December 22.  We arrived at the fallen trees around 1 PM.  There were two trees, both with trunks the diameter larger than my bow saw could handle.  We did manage to clear some of the larger branches from the lower tree so passage is much easier.  Even those branches were challenging cutting with my bow saw.
Some clearing was done and it is a little easier to pass through.
Here's some photos:
Fallen tree blocking trail on the way up to Kent Bien's chair.
Cutting the smaller branches of the lower tree.
Carol supervising.
Lower tree, yes this is one tree, cleared enough to pass through.
At Kent Bien's chair on the way back.
Back at my truck.
Merry Christmas,
Edward Bugarin
(Thanks Ed and Carol for doing this on Christmas day. Your gift to the HURT runners!)
Aloha, Bob
IMG_0272 IMG_0265 P1010278

P1010277 P1010269 IMG_0262


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ken michal

Thanks for making the trail a bit more manageable, Carol and Ed!!! I'm sure we'll really be thinking of you on the 5th loop!!!!

All Day!


Great job, Carol!

You too, Ed! Haha

Paul Sibley

Awesome work Ed! I'll look for your initials carved into that downed tree. Happy Holidays.

Rod Bien

Right on, guys. Nice work keeping those trails primo. We all appreciate your hard work. Even us here in Bend, Oregon. I look forward to seeing you guys at HURT. I'd be happy to pace someone if they need it?? Huffer???


Thanks Ed! I hope you had a great Christmas, you sure made ours a little nicer!


Mahalo nui loa Ed and Carol!!!

pj salmonson

Thanks Ed and Carol! Is the remainder of the tree just below Bein's Bench?

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