2011 HURT Trail Series Schedule

Lost and Found

Aloha Athletes,

After every race we always are either looking for items or have extra items. Please contact us if you are missing something and we can post it here.

Right now we are looking for a grey women's hoodie sweatshirt. I believe it is Lululemon brand and zips. It was lost at the Nature Center. 

If you have seen this, please contact me.

Aloha, Bob

P.S. I will be posting more HURT 100 photos over at the HURT 100 site. Just giving you all time to digest the 600+ that are already up there. 



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One green HURT bag. No name, no number, Contains typical drop bag stuff plus one running vest. Contact me. MIkem

David Carlsson

I wound up with a pair men's shorts - large, dk. blue Race Ready

Albert Su

Did anybody find a Surefire flashlight at JackAssGinger stop during the HURT100?



I have Laura's and Sean's drop bags from the Nature Center.

They were going to be tossed. If you want these back you can contact me. I have a few other things and I will post them as I did them out from the mess of gear I have yet to sort.

Aloha, Mikem

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