2011 HURT Trail Series Schedule
The Maui Charm

Saturday Training 1-29-11 "Tantalus Road"

Aloha Athletes !

With the "Unofficial" Run to the Sun coming up in Mid-March it seems appropriate to start training for that fun event. This Saturday, the plan is to meet at 6:00 am at green Board of Water Supply building, also referred as triangle park, a half mile or so below the Hawaii Nature Center. There's generally parking along Makiki Heights road. The "Insomniacs" will likely be starting earlier and the "Old Farts" starting later, further up the road, but this venue keeps everyone connected. Just keep going uphill until you top Concrete Road and do as many repeats as you have time and energy for. Have a blast !  Don


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and then there is concrete hill..

Doug L.

I'm sold... Tantalus it is. It's nice to learn new things about the runs we do, plus I didn't know whining to Don worked... ;)


Peacocky??? I am tempted for a wicked early start to beat the heat and suffer a little less through the course. Tantalus is good too though... I am torn.


Doug, The Tantalus Road up is about 4.5 miles. You can make it to the top of concretes in about the same time it takes to get up Long Road.
The RTS is a classic Hawaii Run, official or unofficial. Tantalus repeats have been judged about the closest to the real thing that can be found here on Oahu. That's the reason we do it. You can take the road or trail back to the bottom.

Sue, I whined about my knee to Don so we agreed a road run over this side would be good.

Doug Loooong

And here I was thinking about long road repeats, or something peacocky. I guess I have another 24 hours to decide...


Last week there was talk of meeting back at the Garden for Saturday's training run, 7am? Anyone interested?

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