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Sock Runner

Wonderful picture! I'm sure the views during the race will be exquisite! I can't wait to read about what happens on March Madness. Good luck to all participants!

Drum kit

This is such a nice place i really likes it.It is great to see this pictures.I am so glad to visit this blog.

Matt Holton

I live on Maui and do lots of run on the West Maui. One of my favorites is Kaupo to the crater. Aloha, from Maui


Hey! I am also interested in the Maui Charm...wanting to know when in March, how many miles total, all that good stuff. Keep me in the loop as info comes out if ya can - mahalo!


The Maui charm run sounds like fun. I done a few 50 milers and ran with the HURT gang a couple of times and plan of joining you guys on the 50 miler coming up. It would be great to parcipate in the Maui Charm run. Please keep me informed Mahalo


You know I'm in

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