Somewhere completely different
Saturday Training 2-19-11 "Peacock" (UPDATED Start Location)

Saturday Training 2-12-11

Aloha All !

Hopefully all of you will be taking advantage of Marian and Neal's wonderful hospitality and plan to do the totally fun Sweetheart's 50 on Saturday evening. It's a blast !

For those of us few poor souls who are looking for something to do on Saturday morning, another boring Tantalus Rd. will be waiting. If you have insomnia, come on out early, otherwise a 6:00 am start is planned. If you prefer to sleep-in, just start anytime, as it's always easy to hook-up with another runner or two.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend. It should make you proud to be able to train in Hawaii's beautiful weather, rather than deep snow.  Don


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steve villiger

How 'bout you Bob? You and Barbi coming up here, or going to Tantalus?

steve villiger

Good comment Bob! :)
You coming up to join us Jake?

Bob Mc.

NO Jake, forget about it. Sorry! I am mad at Steve and Andy broadcasting this great place and inviting people up to this beautiful place. We have rode our mountain bikes up there and love it. So just let people forget about it.

Jake H

Don't forget about the Steve V and Andy G option on the North Shore for "something different."

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