Saturday Training 2-12-11
The Kauai Adventure: Kat, Jan, Mike & Frank

Saturday Training 2-19-11 "Peacock" (UPDATED Start Location)

Aloha Athletes !

Due to unrelentless feminine baggering, it looks like we are back to Peacock this Saturday. Okay, I admit that I love Peacock too, well, other than the two hours of driving that it requires, but it's always a great workout. The plan is to start at the bottom in the parking lot behind Dillingham Airfield at 7:01 am...the rest is up to you. If you don't want to "man-up" and carry enough water for the day, please be prepared to cut the day short, as  the condition of the stash is unknown. I'd suggest carrying a small reserve bottle just in case to get you back.

All kidding aside, it should be fun !     Don


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Excellent! Thanks Rob.


Hi Jenn and Robert: Please click the link on the upper left hand side of the web page that says 'trailhead directions and info'. You should be able to find the perfect spot to park on that page. Aloha


If there's an "old timer" that would be willing to possibly help with directions by phone if I have a hard time hooking up with you all up there since it'll be my first, would you please email me your phone number to rps_808[at]yahoo.

Don't think it will be necessary but I'd hate to drive all the way out there and not be able to find the gang. Thanks!

Jenn B

Sorry, newbie here. Is the lot that everyone parks in to run Kealia trail? I haven't joined you guys for any runs yet because I have been pregnant/recovering from pregnancy, but I live up on the North Shore and would love to finally run with the crazy H.U.R.T. people ;)


Bob, you actually give me a whole week? I was thinking each day....

cheryl can start at Dillingham at 7am....

Bob Mc.

Hey Doug, This sounds like good Hardrock training. I would recommend Larry and you each carrying up 5-10 gallons per week as part of your strength training. You may not thank me know but come July...


I guess I should add that anyone is welcome to it...


I'm going up there tomorrow morning with the plan of hiking in a few gallons of water.

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