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Running Blind

Saturday Training 2-26-11

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday is Swamp Romp. Although I've "never been there...never done that", I've certainly heard many, many tales, and seen lots and lots of photos. I guess the name: "the Worlds biggest wet t-shirt event" is too long. Anyway, it seems there's something for everybody, regardless of whether you are a muddy participant...there taking photos...or just watching. Man or woman, young or old, all have a blast ! So...what about the rest of us? What do we do? Peacock? Tantalus? Probably all of the above. I do know for a fact that a small group plans to meet at the Makapuu Lighthouse parking lot at 8:15 am to do a quick loop and then help clean and groom the trail, starting at 9 am. have options. The important thing is to get outdoors and do something.  Don 


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Prepare to do 10 lighthouse repeats!

skyler & jdop

Anyone want company on an easy TT loop Saturday morning?

Rod Bien

Hey Guys,
Could someone please email me Paul Hopwood's email address? I can't find it...
Thanks in advance!

Rod Bien

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