HURT Women Put Down the HURT at 2011 Swamp Romp
HURT Trail Series: Moanalua Valley 6 miler, March 12, 2011, 7:30AM

Unoffical Run to the SUN (Haleakala on Maui) March 20th; Maui Charm, March 18-20th

The Madness Series Continues....

Most newer HURT runners have never had the pleasure of attempting the Run to the Sun, a classic Hawaii Event doomed by the anal retentive feds in their attempt to limit use of public lands to all but the most car bound. It is no longer an event, but simply a communing of like miinded paired soles.  However, it remains the stunning challenge it has always been. 36 miles from Kahalui up the slopes of the Haleakala to the Summit at 10K+.   If you have not run it, then you are missing an essential experience in your Hawaii running repitoir.   It begins March 20th,  5:30 AM from the Maui Mall 

Few HURT runners have hiked/run the Skyline trail from the Haleakala Summit to Kula.  Even fewer have done the Kaupo gap  trail to the back side of Maui.  And, quite frankly I know of none who have done these trails the right way, from bottom to top.  And of course there ain't nobody who has ever decided to do all of the approaches,  Skyline, Kaupo, and RTS on three consecutive days.   But it will be done. On March 18-20th.  The Maui Charm should  bring a smile to the face of the playful god Maui himself.  We dedicate this experience to the god who raised the heavens, dragged the islands from the sea, and enjoys himself through great physical exertion. 

Everyone is invited to join in on the UNOFFICIAL RTS.  We still have a few places open for the Charm, or portions of it.  But be warned these two ventures are difficult and demanding.  Best be ready for some hardship.  

Let me know if you are interested.  Aloha, Mikem.  




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Would love your review (and photos) of the Skyline Trail as well as others:


Hi Mike, We're starting at the regular time of 0430 and thats what we told everyone. Again no rules so you can start anytime you like.
Thxs Bram 280 4893


I am told the start time on the RTS is 4:30. Please check this out Mikey as you will be even slower than you normally are if you come at 5:30. Nice try on Kauai. To bad you punked out and didn't make it all the way.

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