HURT Trail Series: TOP of TANTALUS April 9th 8:00 a.m.
Maui Charm: Day 1

unofficial RTTS

2011 Start of Run to Sun 

A small but determined group showed up at the Maui Mall ready to tackle the 36.2 miles to the 10,023 feet summit of Haleakala. We had about 7 solo guys and about 3 teams ready to take the challenge.

It turned out later that several others had started at different times and many had ran segments of the course. We kept running into people on the mountain at various stages. Karl Wirtl had started at midnight, several at 330 am and Paul Hopwood and Jeff Sanders decided to sleep in and wait for day light to start. They ran as a team and still beat everyone.
The first solo guy was an ultra from Alberta, Can. named Dave who finished in 6 hrs 2min. He said he had never ran a marathon just does trails in the rockies but runs once a week on the road just to get used to the pavement between 30-40 miles in -10 degrees C.
Nick Kaiser and Mike Muench did the Maui triple. Friday Poli poli state park to the summit about 14 miles, Saturday Kaupo Gap to the summit about 26 miles( 40+mph winds, verocious showers and near hypo thermic conditions, Sunday the finale RTTS 36.2 miles.
There was a 9 member womens team who probably had more fun than all combined. Jay, handlebar moustache, from Long Island NY was back for another assault. Several virgins from Kihei who made it solo.
All in all the weather threatening at first turned out to be mighty fine.
On the way down everyone stopped at Jim and Marne's house for post event party. Chili, stirfrys, desserts, snacks, beverages etc. Just tons of foods, good laughs and cameraderie. Definately the highlight of the day. And best of all no pesky, annoying, fun stopping park rangers.
Rumour has it we have a potential race director for next year so fingers crossed and if not we'll do it renegade/underground again.
Thanks to everyone for coming out, helping and making this a fun day



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paul Hopi

An informal yet delightful R2S took place this past weekend,thanks to Bram mostly .But it was made exceptional by non other than the maison d' soleil herself Haleakala, and a few good men and women. Oahu and HURT being very well represented by the charmers Mike Muench and Nick Kaiser,whom took on the old girl more than once in a weekend,Nick turning out to be the most charming : ).Everyone wore their best smiles grimaces and at times mountain ultra poker faces.Runners were smuggled across the border into the holy grail of the park above 7000ft in order just to have a bid at the summit . EVENT! WHAT? NO EVENT!. "Just a bit of fun with some friends", Was heard said from mr silky smooth himself Jeff Sanders when quizzed by an over zealous militarised,police vehicled,park official,and all was well again! whew!. Nice work Jeff! . The after party at Jim and Marney's ,who graciously opened their home true aloha style to everyone made for a perfect end to one of the funnest R2S'S to date and that's officical! : ) mahalos everyone, and see you on the trails.


A great 'event' Bram. Everyone had a great time on a stunning day on the Highway. Some of the best weather I have seen on the mountain in years. (The two prior days were a bit less hospitable.) Thanks to you and your many Maui supporters. A great concept like the RTS will never pass away.

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