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March 28, 2011


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best Chopard sunglasses

wow, I’m impressed! really. it’s a great project that will help people in many ways.
I wish we could have used such technologies when I was getting education…
everything would have been much easier:)

Matt Stevens

Frank: no GET, but there will be a mandatory $10,000 tip with the purchase to help my kids go to college in a few years...


Matt is there GET on an RET? Or are they tax exempt?

Matt Stevens

I'll be selling Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc Grade A certified RET's in upcoming HURT races for the BARGAIN price of only 5 easy installments of $19.99. Safeway is subsidizing my production of said RET's, but their logo will fade off your plastic RET's given a gnarly enough downpour on Manoa Cliff Trail in the darkness! Bring your credit cards and check books to the next race!!!!!! Don't miss this opportunity!!!!


When I ran the HURT I had a RET that worked great. Re-Engineered Trashbag.

Bob Mc.

I think these are great guidelines! Their handbook looks like a model we could copy, I mean learn something from, for HURT. I will recommend that Jeff, John, PJ, Cheryl, Don and all other HURT 100 directors read it in detail and make notations for areas that we want to steal, I mean add to and/or copy and amend into our HURT 100 rules and regulations. Of course we will have our resident attorney, Vernon review all additions.
Nick, Thank you for pointing this out and bringing this to our attention. Runners plan getting your RET's and Schmerber's in order before submitting your application this year.
Aloha, Bob

paul Hopi

Nick, Don't allow your Ret to be too breathable,or you could freeze off your schmerber :0


RET is 'Resistance to Evaporation of a Textile' or how 'breathable' the material is. Lower is better.


How strange to be so specific about these things! You'd think anyone wanting to do the UTMB would also be savvy enough about preparedness to think to bring a jacket along, without the RD having to prescribe down to the last detail what to pack!

Found this link, in case it proves helpful to you:
http://www.singer.fr/pdf/infos_techniques/impermeabilitygb.pdf Seems a "Schmerber" is a measure of impermeability. Well, it's a strange rule, but I guess I learned something new today!

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