Saturday Training 4-23-11: Run with a View Training Run
2011 Run With A View Race Info

Saturday Training 4-30-11: Run with a View Training Run or Maunawili

Aloha Athletes:

You have a couple of options this weekend. I suggest that if you are interested in either of these, plan as if you are going to be out there all alone. Chances are very good you won't be, but...

We trail runners need to keep ourselves personally responsible for our own well being while out on the trail. That means taking what we need in regards to hydration and nutrition with us. Be smart and plan accordingly. With the warmer temps, make sure you have plenty of electrolytes and don't forget sunscreen. I have noticed the last few weeks people talking about getting sunburned. Summer sun is fast approaching. Finally, don't forget to communicate with others about where you are going and what time you expect to return.

OK, back to the training options. With the Run with the View race just a week away, you could plan to run a quick loop starting at 7:00 a.m. from the top of Ka'ahele Street. The trail was in pretty good shape last week and supposed to be getting even a bit more grooming (read trimming) before the race. 

The second option is to meet at the Pali Lookout to run the Maunawili Trail. This trail is in the process of being cleared and may still have a small section in the middle that is a bit overgrown. More of it got worked on this week, just not sure if it will be finished by Saturday. I am not sure what time this group is starting but I would assume it to be no later than 7:00 a.m. Check the comments below and maybe someone who is going will post a comment with their start time. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob


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the Pali lookout time would be more like 5:45. go in as far as it is cleared.
anyone intersted in trail marking next Friday for Run with a View...let me know....


Sorry Cheryl, should have put some sort of disclaimer on that "Trail Condition" post... all of the seasoned trail runners are like "No Duh" but since we have so many 1st timers I thought I'd put it out there that not all of the trails are nice a wide open and underbrush free like the Top of Tantalus trails are. Just 2 cents that I would have appreciated having as a first timer to the course, that's all. :)


it is a trail run.....


Trail condition: If you are one who gets itchy from the overgrowth or scratches up easy on the legs then my suggestion is to wear something on your legs because there are lots of small ferns and such with twiggy branches that are sticking out into the trail.


I attempted the Run with a View course today and failed in spite of having run the race last year. Much easier to do when the trail is marked AND you have other runners to follow. Got my 8 miles in but it wasn’t all the right 8. I definitely want to tackle it again before the race next week. If there is someone running Saturday morning that knows the course please let us know in a comment. Otherwise I’m game for taking another crack at it Friday (tomorrow) morning if that works better for you Sue AND you’re willing to risk it with someone who failed the attempt today. My email is RPS_808 [at] Yahoo.


Anyone running Friday during the day? I have never run the "Run with a View" course, but also need to get up to the North Shore to check out the highschool area for our marathon aid station on Sunday. So Peacock on Friday and "Run with a View" on Saturday or the reverse? Any takers?

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