Wednesday Update for Missing Are
Keeping Minimalism to a Minimum

New Web Site for Are Hjorungnes

Are's friends have set up the following web site to aid in the search for him.

This site contains a detailed map we have shared with them on the route and locations leading up to when Are went missing. The search is continuing as I write this. 

We have made contact with a pig hunters group and they will be assisting in the search going forward. They are currently getting the word out to their members. 

Aloha, Bob


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Jose Apolinario

Are has many friends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and we are all hoping for good knews.


Jan here... concur with Bob, and Mikey - thanks for putting this info out there. We all understand the emotions that are involved... but keep your head clear about going up there and traversing. It's just dangerous. period. Nobody wants to see any injuries or other rescues/searches take place. It has taken me several years to learn the trail systems here on Oahu, via the knowledge and expertise of HURT members, and I still learn things every time I head out on a training run. Respect for the 'aina here in Hawaii is paramount.


Prasad, You have been out there for a few days and are gaining an understanding of the difficulty of the terrain.

Please do not decend into areas you have not first climbed up. It is all to easy to drop down into a bowl or ravine and subsequently find it impossible to climb back outor down the next set of cliff faces.

Please insist team members pack more than enough water to last for longer than you intend to be out.

Please do not let your grief move you commit actions that endanger yourself and your fellow searchers. Caution is an essential requirement.

Those who have done off trail hiking in this search effort are all reporting sudden unexpected cliffs, drops, and surprisingly difficult terrain. Simply going off trail is very very dangerous.

Remember, over the years,others have been hurt or died out along these trails and cliffs. It is very unforgiving land.

Please take great care when searching for your friend.

Aloha, Mikem


My name is Prasad, and I am Are's friend. I have been on the trail for a couple of days already. A few of us from UH will be going out tomorrow, and we would very much appreciate people from HURT joining us. Please contact Prasad (, 858 752 7871). You guys are really great, and I cannot describe how much I appreciate the dedication, help and the simply wonderful people I have come in touch with from your group.

Webmaster: could you please delete this post in a few days since it has my personal information?

Bob Mc.

Mike, I want to hit the Like button several times!!! Thanks for posting this.
Aloha, Bob


I do not believe that applying Orienteering Methodologies here in Hawaii is safe or reasonable. I do not believe that minimalist approaches to trail running and ultra running are safe for most people here in Hawaii. These are viral concepts that lead directly to injury.

Using either or both while searching for a missing hiker is an act bordering on madness. I do not support either and am highly concerned that there are apparently inexperienced people venturing up the Kealia to search for Are who are intent on utilizing these methodologies and philosophies. The catalyst for one disaster is likely to lead to others.

This is not the Hawaii Ultra Runner way. We have long prided ourselves on full personal responsibility and an expert understanding of trail conditions.

We have now searched intensely, responsibly and safely for five days.

I do not propose that we stop completely, but I do not believe that the safety of the search or the implicitly Hawaii based understanding of what we are doing should be allowed to falter.

No one who has not had years of experience up on the Kealia, Gordons' and Peacock Flats should even be considering any kind of Bush-wacking traverse. No one should be out there without a partner who fully understands the nature of this area. No short cuts no excuses.

Plenty of water, plenty of nutrition and electrolytes are a must.

I realize I am preaching to the choir, but there may be some reading this who are not fully cognizant of the risks involved in being out in the Hawaiian environment for long periods of time, or the illusionary nature of Hawaiian Beauty and Peace. Oahu can be a very hard mistress, who demands a cautious respect, and severely punishes those who fail to comply.


Whats next for the search?

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