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May 16, 2011


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Paulo S. R. Diniz

I have no words to express my pain for the loss of Are. The only thing that comforts me is that God allowed me to know him and be his friend. Those who were fortunate enough to know him will never forget that smiling face and his sense of humor.

My condolences to his huge family that includes not only his lovely parents and sister but also his thousands of adopted brothers and sisters around world.

As he used to call himself to me, I am deep saddened that Prof. Normal is not with us anymore. I will never forget you my dear friend!!!!

Paulo S R Diniz

Mark M

So sorry for Are. R.I.P.



a group of hunters from Oahu Pig Hunter's Association are out searching now, 11:30am Friday May 20, 2011


Updates and News can be found on the Search for Are Hjørungnes website: http://findare.blogspot.com/
including international & Norwegian news sources

Ranjan Bose

Dear all,

Any further developments? Best wishes to the search teams. We are keeping our fingers crossed. RB

Manav Bhatnagar

Are is a fighter. I believe he will come back soon. I am praying to God.


jan here. I was out with Are's colleagues & friends from UH yesterday. we worked 7 plus hours & covered many miles from the water stop, to the whole lower section & back thru Gordon's loop. A fresh Crew has gone out today. If you want a report from yesterday's search please email me at run_janatyahoodotcom, I also have the GPS data points & map images. thx


Hi, I am a fellow orienteer and long time friend of Are from Norway.

I appreciate the effort you put into the search.

Would it be possible for you to give the coordinates for:
- The place where they left from Kuaokala Road
- The place the car was at the base of Kealia Trail
- The direction he was seen running

...so that I can spot it in Google Earth, and see - if I were Are - where I think I might have tried to cross?

There's probably not much I can do to help from here, but at least I can try.

Please keep up the good work.


Are you guys going to go on searching on Wednesday 18th May? There is maybe still hope. I believe he may have injured himself seriously somewhere offtrack. Orienteering has this of runnning offtrack and he may have done this to save time after learning to have taken a wrong path (and come quickly to the parcking lot).

Les Young

Aloha to everyone who have done so much in trying to find our friend Are. My name is Les and I am a staff member with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Are came to us last year to train for his first Honolulu Marathon. He ran a sub4 marathon using someone elses registration and bib. He has been a regular runner with my advance group ever since. Needless to say he was bitten by the running bug. He talked a lot about trail running, but no one in the clinic was really into it. It is so tragic that his passion for running may have led to his demise. We at the clinic would like to help in someway, but don't know if we can be of much help not knowing the terrain as well as the HURT members do. Let me know if we can assist anyway. Les Young(366-1996 Cell)

Jeff Huff

Great job to all you folks who have volunteered to search out there. From all the e mail correspondences I have read, you folks are doing a phenomenal job. Your efforts have been noticed and your support during this difficult situation is unparalleled. Keep the faith, for many folks are depending on you. While I cannot be there during the week, I have been assured that my weekend is open. I will be out this weekend. I will work with those who have been out there daily to ask them to help develop a plan for the weekend. Stay strong.


you folks out there searching are wonderful. Do you know if there is a plan to continue searching without the HFD? We are also curious the boundaries of the search area...did it include long road/campgrounds?

Thanks again for the updates

Yuanyuan Ma

I hope Are is just lost and he will find his way back soon. I will pray for him, for such a kind and smiling man. Please kindly let me know if there is some progress.

PJ Salmonson

Thank you Bob, and thanks Cheryl for keeping us updated. We are all on the edges of our chairs, and praying for some good news.

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