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June 07, 2011


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a few of us want to tackle this route. ive been to poamoho summit and to the cabin. hiked ma'akua ridge to the summit. i live in pupukea and went to the summit view and know the trail head. had a few questions about what landmarks to look for at kawailoa.

bryan phillips


Great story Gordon and fellow crazies, great photo too! My name is Brent Jackson and my wife and I just moved here from San Diego. Looking to run the HURT 100 this coming January but first things first, wanted to meet up with a few of you perhaps for a Saturday morning run? Not to mention make a few friends in the H.U.R.T.

My email is senatorjax@hotmail.com and cell is 808-265-3709. I probably can't make every single Saturday morning long run but will do my best! Mahalo for inclusion into this great community known as the HURT.



Mahalo Gordon for including us in your adventure! Sounded like it was a very challenging and yet fun three day trek!


Yowzer, what an adventure ! Glad you nuts made it back alive, without being ravaged by the mad piggy.


Gordon, you've known all these years how I've wanted to join you on this annual adventure...
well, all except for the fact that you guys are nuts and this trek is TOTALLY hardcore ! You make it sound like it's a Sunday stroll in the woods with the family. This is one serious 3 day, TOUGH,
jaunt ! Great job guys, you are my heroes. "The earless Porker"

Doug Baker

Interesting adventure - especially the part about the angry pig with no ears! Thanks for sharing.


Great recount Gordon! Thanks! I would love to see more pictures!


Having been up there before with you Gordon I know to multiply your words and phrases by about a hundred fold to get to the real story. Mentioning the mud on the KST means it was above calf deep, getting off trail in a place where one never quite knows where one is, is more than a bit disconcerting, and traversing slick muddy ridge lines is nasty. A great KST adventure!


great story Gordon, & crew... thanks for sharing the adventure... This is what it's all about. Makes me want to get out there. Now. Where are my trail shoes....?!?


you guys are what it's all about....

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