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Mango Marv

Jamie, Let me know if you make it back to run the next one. I'll be sure to put an extra letter on your arm to ensure it is even more memorable! Aloha, from Marvelous Marv Mango!

Jamie S. Jenkins

I would like to thank everyone with Hurt Hawaii. My name is Jamie Jenkins and I was visting Hawaii for the first time and decided to run Mango Madness while on vacation. It was undoubtedly the most grueling, exciting, muddy, awesome race I have ever run. Being able to run alongside so many other dedicated runners was a true blessing. What a great memory I have now. I will be looking you guys up next time I visit the islands.

Jamie S. Jenkins
Nashville, TN

Roland Arsons

I think all was fantastic as usual. Every HURT run I have been to, is so well done and fun, I love the energy, and appreciate all the work that goes into them. Mahalo to all involved, and may they continue for a long time !


My name is Brent Jackson. My family just moved to the island last week. We'll be here for the next couple of years and I plan on running in the HURT 100 this coming January.

I would love to meet fellow crazies and do some trail runs this summer/fall. We'll be living on Ford Island starting in mid-July. In the meantime, we're living in downtown. I would love to start running and meeting up with the group.

My email is: and cell is: 808-265-3709. Please let me know Bob if there is a run coming up that I could be a part of. I appreciate your guys' time. Mahalo.


Joe Cacioppo

Hello All. I am a long distance runner from Nevada, coming to Oahu on June 17 for a one week family vacation. I'd like to get in a nice trail run and was hoping your group might have something planned that I could participate in. I am training for the Tahoe Rim Trail 50-mile endurance run. If not, any suggestions? Thanks!


Thanks for the great race, I definitely had a blast.

And thanks to Rob for all the photos. Now my agonized look from the second trip up Concrete hill can be immortalized! The next time I consider slacking on the hill training I'll just pull that pic out. :)


jeff call me at three seven two 26 thirty. I'll mail them to you. Sorry about forgetting them. And thanks for helping with the marking and the trail sweep. ----The C was for concrete. It was to verify that you did indeed see Jake. The M was for slacker. Marv new there would be slackers. first those 'too smart' to follow instructions. Then some others, marv wanted every fifth runner, just to be sure we got at least some of the the other slackers and to scare the rest into going faster. Marv learned that ffrom his old friend Iosif, who was good at random purges. Marv had recommended that people with M be treated with extra care. Skyler if you understand then it isn't a Mango's Race. Mango's is a zen reflection on Life.


I understand that the "C" was for concrete, but I don't understand the purpose. When I saw Jake writing that on people's arms, I thought that there was going to be some kind of qualifier for people's finish time. Just wondering.


C is for concrete . . . you can think of the rest . . .
Mike M. could I get my gaiters from you at the Kaena Pt run?


What a great run and as Bob mentioned, perfect conditions. Those conditions are what makes the Tantalus trail system my favorite place to run on Oahu. What was the purpose of the "C" written on people's arms?

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