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June 21, 2011


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Doug: good luck, have fun at that 100!!


Brent, The meeting time at the Airfield parking lot is 6:30 sharp. The full loop is 27 miles. Water is best stashed at the bottom of long road if going the entire distance. Plan on packing 100 oz of water if you are going the distance to Long Road. There is no planned water stop at the top of the hill. There are usually groups doing shorter distances. You can always bail at the end of long road (15+ miles)and take the road back to the airport. This is mostly jeep trails and the route is easy to follow. In any case if you are new to the trail you are highly advised to stay with experienced runners. Bring a cell phone, electrolytes, nutrition, and any other gear you use for long runs. Plan on spending the day on the hill.


Bob, how long is this run typically? If not arriving at 0430, what time are the rest of the non-insomniacs meeting?




Wish I could be come out to play but will be off to Kona early Saturday morning. Have fun up there for me!
Good luck Doug! You'll do great!

kalapu Ulavale

We are headed for an ice age. I've shorted all the greenie stocks! Gone long wood stoves and snow shoe companies.


Actually, global warming causes more extreme winters--if you 'believe' what the scientists tell us.

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