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June 23, 2011


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A great turn out! Check out Rex's pictures on Facebook. As you will see on your running of the firecracker the trail over the Washout is now H4. Thanks to all who came out. The power's that be were suitably impressed with our efforts. Gooo Jawww!

Chris Ecclesine

Will be there. Looking forward to meeting some of you!


Count me in.


I'm sorry as well Julie T! :( I have the Kona Marathon this Sunday. See you the following Saturday! Aloha


Sorry Julie, I will be clearing trail with the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club that day!

kalalpu Ulavale

So will I! I challenge you to a meditative ultra walk!


I will be there sunday am. :)

Arvel Shults

I am sorry to say that Benita and I are off Island this weekend and will not be able to help out :(

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