Kaena Point Firecracker 10-Miler Announces New Categories, Awards, Theme!!

Well fellow runners, I'm on the eve of my month long trip to Colorado and as many of you know includes running in Hardrock 100... which I've been assured isn't too different from the firecracker run this coming Saturday. I would just like to give thanks for the well wishes I have received from all of you, as I hear they come in handy at 13,000+ feet. There are some people in particular I have intention on thanking by name, but will save that for the race report... don't want to jinx the system. There have been some amazing runs with some amazing people leading up this, so if that part of my memory just so happens to succum to oxygen dep just know I generaly, yet whole heartedly thanked you.
Stay running my friends,
Doug Long


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Run gently, run strong, run long and then.... kiss that damn rock!


Doug, Get Ur Done,
You got great pacers and crew. Enjoy the event. It is yours for the taken.
Dewald Ohana!

paul Hopi

Best wishes for a great run Doug,enjoy the location and the journey. It's my favourite event too! , outside of the islands that is : ) . Pace well and go steady ,the hills just keep coming at you . alohas


This will be some indescribable experience Doug. John and I are proud that you will be representing HURT. You are so the unassuming (yet very talented runner) that compliments our family.
Have FUN, be safe. Next to HURT100, this will be your favorite.
Good luck kid!
Pj & Big John


Gonna be a good one! Enjoy the company, don't lose sight of the completion goal, and pace yourself. Have a great race Doug!!


Man...I have almost packed a bag to head out to HR several times yesterday. Don & I so wish we could tag along and crew at our all time favorite event! Pace yourself, stay focused, and listen to your crew. Take time on the top of each mountain you summit to count the stars. You've got an amazing team with Huddy and Scot. And your family on the sidelines cheering you on. HURT is very proud to have you out there and will be running every mile with you.....


Wishing you an awesome experience Doug!! Looking forward to reading your race report! Aloha

Doug Baker

Hey Doug: I think its awesome you are going off to run the Hardrock 100. I'm sure you will do well and have a great time. Take some photos for us back here. I wish you the best of luck!

Doug B.


DOUGLAS!!! GOOD LUCK!! I'm so em effing excite for you it's hard to put in words. I know you'll rock it and I know you've put in the miles. No worries about the altitude...I'm sure you've come up with a way around needing oxygen too. Happy trails my friend.

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