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July 17, 2011


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Good point. I hadn't thhuogt about it quite that way. :)



The rule is correct as written "after 60 miles, or starting at 1700 on Saturday". If you are the front runner you will likely pick up you runner at 60 miles. Folks at the back at 1700 that might be 40 miles. If you have left 40 miles before 1700 they will likely need to start at Paradise Park.



GREAT job on the Book of HURT 2012 AJ and Harold!!! I glanced over it and found one significant correction: page 12, section IV, letter b "Pacer may start accompanying Runner after 60 miles...Shouldn't this be 40 miles or has it changed?
Is anyone else getting excited about sign up? Aloha

Claude Hicks Jr.

Job WELL DONE on the new HURT book. Thanks. Fingers crossed. Third times a charm!



Thanks for this. I will pass it on to a couple of friends who live in England.

ken michal

HURT Folks,
Can't wait!!! Thanks for your work on the runner book, AJ and Harald! I especially love the landmark table. It really helps with course visualization!!

Really hope to see you all in January!!!

All Day!

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