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July 19, 2011


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Sounds like a lot of fun! I plan to hit Peacock and if I have anything left, part of Maunawili on Sunday. Enjoy!

Steve Villiger

What could possibly be a better warm up than a 450 foot elevation gain in the first mile!


I think Doug caught on to the key phrasing here. Check your HURT dictionaries for the definition of "gentle hills". There is a gentle hill right at the trail head that will gently spike your heart rate to 90% of your max! But seriously, after that, it is mostly runnable, with forgiving, soft running surfaces. I often use it for recovery runs! It can be pretty muddy, though.

Doug Baker

Hi Steve:

We'll barely notice the climbs? haha - that must be HURT speak for big hills.

Sounds like a fun run - I'll be there!


Steve Villiger

Rob, if the conditions are good (dry), we'll be mountain biking the same trails on Sunday. Let me know if you want to join in on that.

And, Randy, see you Saturday!


Dang it! If anyone runs this trail on a Sunday and would like to show someone as slow as me around, please let me know. Wait a minute....people still use AOL?

Randy Flores

Heyyyyy......Stevie old pal, Stevie old friend. Boy, funny thing is, I was JUUUUST thinking how much I've missed seeing you out on the trails lately. I even thought I'd invite you to some run-of-the-mill run out here on the Windward side.
However......... (chuckle, chuckle) after reading your blog....well, I would be VERY HAPPY to join you on such a run.....

(he he he)


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